‘From Not To Hot: Family Crisis’ Teaser: Mama June Shannon Reveals New Job Delivering Airport Luggage

Mama June attends Bossip Best Dressed List Event on July 31, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Earl Gibson III / Getty Images

Mama June Shannon, star of WeTV’s From Not to Hot: Family Crisis, revealed she had a new job during her first real on-camera appearance of the show’s current season. This will be seen during tonight’s episode. The surprising appearance by June occurred during a season where she had appeared to remove herself from any day-to-day interaction with her family. This included daughters Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson as well as sister Doe Doe.

In a new video clip posted by the series, June got into a car with two members of the show’s production staff. They asked her how she and Geno Doak, her longtime boyfriend, were. June revealed they were employed.

June sat in the front seat of the vehicle and revealed that she had worked “a little bit” that day after one of the production personnel stated she heard June was delivering luggage from airports during the overnight hours.

“Say for instance you’re at this airport right here. Say for instance all these b*tches have been snowed in or whatever. And they come to, like, these hotels and they want to know, ‘Where’s my godd*mn luggage?’ That’s where the companies call us,” June said of what her job entailed.

“Yeah, we’ve been doing work today. We worked for a little bit today,” she clarified. “It’s called real life.”

June wore a gray zip-up athletic style jacket in the clip. She had on a mint green T-shirt underneath it. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her teeth, which she had straightened after her split from former partner Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, appeared to be misaligned.

June had been estranged from her daughters for the better part of one year. This came on the heels of an intervention from the family after they witnessed bad behavior toward June by her boyfriend Geno. Alana lived with her sister Pumpkin, her husband Josh, and their daughter Ella. The young couple took Alana into their home to give her some stability after June appeared to desert her teenage daughter.

A prior episode of the series led viewers to believe the family was in danger. Pumpkin received a call from June where she revealed that she owed people money and they might come after her for it. Pumpkin, Josh, Alana, and Ella quickly moved out of the apartment they shared into a motel. Pumpkin and Josh then made a tough decision to move two hours away from their Georgia hometown into a new home for the safety of their young family.