‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Preview Gives Fans A Taste Of The Chaos On The Way With Season 4

Another season of Mama June, the reality television show featuring June Shannon and her kids premieres next month and a new preview revealed plenty of tantalizing tidbits about what is on the way. When Season 4 was first officially teased, the sneak peek revealed very little about viewers could expect. Now, fans can get a better sense of where this is headed and it’s not tough to see why this version is dubbed Family Crisis.

Anybody who has been following Mama June and her family during the hiatus of this show knows that life has been pretty complicated for all. June and her boyfriend Geno Doak have been confronted by legal troubles looming over them. The couple was also recently said to have trashed a hotel room in Georgia.

Too Fab shared the new preview for Season 4 of Mama June: Family Crisis. Spoilers from the clip reveal that this season will become an intense journey for family members as well as for the show’s viewers. Apparently, the show will cover all the drama that happened over the past year or so in the family’s lives, and it’s clear from the clip that there was a lot going on that flew under the radar.

Alana, known by fans as Honey Boo Boo, has been living with her big sister Lauryn (Pumpkin) for quite a while. However, spoilers from the Mama June: Family Crisis preview indicates that this hasn’t always been a stable environment. Apparently, at one point, Alana’s father Sugar Bear and his wife Jennifer threatened to fight for custody of the teen.

According to TMZ, Mama June isn’t earning a paycheck from Season 4 and she’s not technically a full participant. Despite that, the preview does show that she’ll be fairly visible as new episodes play out. Cameras will follow Mama June and Geno to court and, to some extent, she will be on-camera. At one point, she was shown insisting that nobody knows the real story about what has been happening.

In addition, spoilers from the preview indicate that Mama June’s sister Doe Doe will hit the road with the goal of tracking down her sister. At another point, Alana, Lauryn, and Lauryn’s family appear to pack up and leave home after Mama June seemingly insinuates there might be people coming after them.

Luckily, the show does seem to document both Alana and Lauryn as they meeting regularly with a counselor, with heavy-duty emotional moments showing up as a result. It also appears as if cameras will roll when June is brought in to meet with the family, but this aspect of the series does not necessarily go very well.

It does not appear as if Mama June: Family Crisis will hide much regarding all the drama that has surrounded the family for the past few months. Based on recent headlines, not much progress seems to have been made since Alana still lives with Lauryn and Mama June is still essentially hotel-hopping with Geno.

Season 4 debuts on WE tv on March 27, with fans eager to see how all of this chaos fits together.

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