Woman Uses Spaghetti Sauce In Bank Robbery

Clinton, MI – A woman reportedly used two cans of spaghetti sauce during a recent bank robbery.

Authorities stated that the suspect put the cans inside a sack before proceeding into a Fifth Third Bank on Saturday. After placing the bag on the counter, she informed the teller that she was in possession of a bomb. Police explained that she then demanded money.

Clinton Township Lt. Eric Reincke said that it clearly looked like there was some sort of hard object inside the bag the woman was carrying. Since it was folded over, the teller had no idea that the suspect was actually using two cans of spaghetti sauce during the robbery.

“If you don’t know what’s in a package… you have to treat it like it is possibly an explosive device,” Reincke explained to the Detroit Free Press.

The woman left the bag before after she collected the cash. It was only after the local bomb squad scanned the contents of the sack that they discovered the spaghetti sauce.

Bank employees said the suspect was a woman in her 60s. After she collected the money from the teller, she climbed into a “boxy car” that was reportedly being driven by an unidentified man. Police explained that they are currently investigating the case.

Fifth Third Bank officials did not say how much money the woman managed to obtain after she tricked everyone with the cans of spaghetti sauce. Although the suspect is still on the run as of this writing, police are apparently hot on her trail.

“We’re still developing suspect information. But we do think we have a pretty good lead on a suspect,” Reincke explained on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time someone has used a harmless item to rob a business. A woman was sentenced earlier this year to 15 years in prison after she used a water pistol to rob a White Castle in St. Louis.

What do you think about the woman who used two cans of spaghetti sauce during a bank robbery in Michigan?

[Top Image via Shutterstock – Bottom Image via Wikimedia Commons]