WWE Rumors: 'Raw' Tag Team May Have Teased Future Plans To Join AEW, Report Suggests

Although it looks like they still have several months remaining on their contracts, Monday Night Raw stars The Viking Raiders reportedly got people speculating about a potential move to All Elite Wrestling, following a Twitter exchange with current AEW star Matt Hardy.

As recapped by WrestlingNews.co, Hardy got the conversation started on Sunday afternoon when he tweeted a video of a 2016 match he and his younger brother, Jeff Hardy, had with The Viking Raiders — then known as War Machine — in Ring of Honor. The recent AEW signee praised the former Raw Tag Team Champions in his caption, further putting them over by saying that both teams had a great match on that day in Oklahoma.

Shortly after Hardy posted the clip, Viking Raiders members Erik and Ivar replied, with both suggesting that they're looking forward to facing The Hardy Boyz in the ring once again.

"We are still awaiting our rematch," Ivar tweeted, using his team's catchphrase as a hashtag and tagging The Hardy Boyz and Erik in his post.

Aside from noting that many fans have taken to social media to speculate about the possibility of The Viking Raiders joining AEW, WrestlingNews.co wrote that the above Twitter conversation was reminiscent of those between the team formerly known as The Revival and The Young Bucks. The former duo, which now goes by the name FTR, had a staredown with the latter pair following their debut segment on last week's episode of Dynamite.

As further explained, it might be a while before The Viking Raiders and The Hardy Boyz get their long-awaited rematch. Unlike his brother, whose contract expired earlier this year, Jeff Hardy is reportedly under contract with WWE until late 2020 or early 2021. The Viking Raiders, meanwhile, signed three-year deals with WWE in January 2018, which would mean their contracts might expire early next year, thus freeing them to join other companies once their noncompete clauses — if any — expire.

At the moment, neither Erik nor Ivar have dropped any other teases on social media regarding a potential move to AEW, nor have they hinted that they are disappointed with their booking in WWE. However, several viewers had negative reactions to a recent Viking Raiders vignette, where the duo was shown driving around town in what was described as their take on James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" segment on The Late Late Show. A later clip that featured Erik and Ivar deliberately losing a basketball game to The Street Profits was also "universally panned" by WWE fans, as noted by Cultaholic.