Donald Trump Responded Via Twitter To Fox News Reports Of Unfavorable Poll Results

President Donald Trump had some choice words for the Fox News Network after they broadcast results of a poll that showed him behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

According to The Hill, the president has consistently cast doubt on any poll that shows him not in the lead. In this case, the president aggressively requested that the nation's top cable news network "fire their fake pollster."

The poll that the president referenced showed him lagging behind the Democratic presidential candidate by eight points on a national scale. However, it showed him with gains in swing states, which is something every campaign is looking for in a close election.

According to The Hill, if the election were held the day the poll was taken, Biden would have received 48 percent of the vote and Trump would have received 40, while 11 percent were undecided on who they would vote for.

Democrats are still concerned that Biden's supporters have an "enthusiasm gap," especially considering his overwhelming support with senior citizen voters.

The Hill published the poll on Thursday and showed that Trump had a 30-point lead among rural white voters while Biden held a 64-point lead among black voters.

However, Biden's Friday interview where he said that any African American who didn't support him "ain't black" has caused the hashtags "JoeBidenIssARacist" and "YouAintBlack" to trend on Twitter.

The president's comments about Fox News come on the heels of comments earlier in the week about sending some reporters into space on the soon-to-be-launched rocket.

The Inquisitr reported on Thursday that the president further insulted some reporters by suggesting that he would like to remove the large majority of them from his briefing room.

"You're actually sitting too close. Really, we should probably get rid of about 75, 80 percent of you. I'll have just two or three of you that I like in this room. I think that's a great way of doing it."
While the president's frustration with the media is nothing new, Fox News previously enjoyed a privileged position of being his go-to network for both viewing and offering interviews. Almost every other major network has been called "fake news" and or has been castigated by the president in some way.

Chief among the president's frustrations have been with CNN. The White House suspended the press credentials for their Chief White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta, at one time. They were later forced to reinstate his press pass, and he and the president have continued to spar during press briefings.