Selena Gomez Subpoenaed In Justin Bieber Paparazzo Lawsuit

Selena Gomez has been subpoenaed to testify in a lawsuit launched against Justin Bieber by a Los Angeles paparazzo who claims the Canadian star attacked him back in 2012.

Gomez, 21, has been summoned to appear in a deposition in a civil suit filed by paparazzo Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran.

Duran alleges Bieber drop-kicked him in the stomach after he took photos of the heartthrob and Gomez out on a date at The Commons shopping center in Calabasas, California, in May 2012.

At the time, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office declined to press charges in Duran's complaint against Bieber. The department issued a statement on November 21, 2012 stating videos, photos and testimony from the emergency workers who attended the scene showed there was nothing indicating a physical altercation took place.

Undeterred, Duran filed a civil assault and battery case in June 2013 and is now seeking monetary damages from Bieber, 20.

According to TMZ, Duran is claiming Selena was a witness to the alleged attack.

From reports at the time, Selena was seen heading back to Justin's car to get her cell phone and allegedly apologized to the paparazzo for her beau's behavior.

The subpoena is intended to force the Spring Breakers actress to reveal under oath in a deposition what she allegedly saw and heard.

Citing sources connected to the case, the website site adds Duran and his lawyer(s) want to ask Gomez about Bieber's alleged hostility towards paparazzi and short fuse reactions when dealing with shutterbugs.

Gomez is rumored to have rekindled a romantic relationship with Bieber after the pair were spotted enjoying a long weekend in McAllen, Texas from March 7-10.

The Disney alum is also being eyed in another civil lawsuit involving her reportedly back-on boyfriend.

(Video: Bieber and Gomez dancing in a Texas rehearsal studio in March 2014.)

Miami paparazzo Jeffrey Binon alleges Bieber ordered his bodyguards to attack him after he was spotted taking photos of the then 19-year-old outside the Hit Factory recording studio on June 5, 2013.

He filed a civil battery and negligence lawsuit against the "Baby" singer for which Justin gave evidence in a testy deposition on March 6.

Gossip Extra previously reported that Mark DiCowden - the attorney representing Binion - is informally talking to Gomez's lawyers about her appearing in a deposition to reveal what she allegedly witnessed during the Duran incident.

The South Florida outlet added that if talks fail between DiCowden and Gomez's team, the attorney is ready to subpoena the actress-singer to appear in a deposition.

DiCowden has since filed a motion with Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel to order Bieber to attend a second deposition in Miami to answer more questions about Gomez, after the singer refused to talk about her when probed.

In a now infamous video clip first posted by TMZ, Justin is seen responding emotionally to DiCowden when asked if he had ever discussed his feelings about paparazzi with Selena.

"Don't ask me about her again." Bieber repeated to DiCowden while wagging his finger, just before the singer's attorneys told Justin to stop answering questions and leave the room.

As a result, DiCowden has filed a separate motion asking the judge to ban Bieber's lawyers from a second deposition - if so granted, and the Binion suit - based on grounds that they obstructed his questions about Gomez.

For Bieber and Gomez, the going is about to get very tough.

Hold on tight kids.