California Teacher Allegedly Hog-Ties Toddler Who Won’t Nap

Martinez, CA – What’s the best way to get a 2-year-old to observe nap time? If you answered “hog-tie the little rascal,” then you are completely unfit to teach a classroom full of rambunctious kids. You’re also probably Angela Calcagno.

The Courthouse News Service reports that California parents John and Mary Roe are suing Centerpointe Church and Preschool, saying that their 2-year-old daughter was hog-tied by her teacher when she wouldn’t sleep during naptime.

Additionally, teacher Angela Calcagno “tormented” Mrs. Roe “with a picture of her hogtied daughter and boasted that she had been the one who did it,” parents claim.

Parents also complain that Calcagno was only employed by the preschool because the principal is sexually attracted to her. She apparently does not have any license or credentials.

“This complaint stems from Calcagno’s untenable practice of ‘hogtying’ (i.e., binding the hands and feet with tightly applied masking tape) children who could not sleep during naptime,” the complaint states. “Further, Centerpointe Church and Preschool’s principal administrator allowed this serious regulatory violation to occur because, due to his sexual attraction for Calcagno, he wanted her working there even though she was unlicensed.”

The parents called the hog-tying practice “sickening” and “draconian,” and opine that Calcagno only did it because she “viewed naptime as her personal time, and punished and restrained any non-napping child to ensure this.”

Additionally, they say that their 2-year-old now has an inability to sleep for more than a few hours. The girl wakes up frequently in a panic, and has an irrational fear of tape, “exclaiming such things to her parents as, ‘mommy, no more tape’ and similar statements.”

The Roes are getting psychiatric intervention for their daughter and are seeking punitive damages for false imprisonment, battery, negligence, negligent hiring and supervision, fraud, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

What do you think should happen to the “teacher” who hog-tied a student who wouldn’t sleep during naptime?

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