Donald Trump Blasts Fox News For 'Doing Nothing' To Help Him Get Re-elected

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to speak out again against Fox News. He complained that the network is not doing anything to help his re-election or to help Republicans in general.

"Many will disagree, but @FoxNews is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3. Sure, there are some truly GREAT people on Fox, but you also have some real "garbage" littered all over the network, people like Dummy Juan Williams, Schumerite Chris Hahn, Richard Goodstein, Donna Brazile, Niel [sic] Cavuto, and many others. They repeat the worst of the Democrat speaking points, and lies. All of the good is totally nullified, and more. Net Result = BAD! CNN & MSDNC are all in for the Do Nothing Democrats! Fox WAS Great!" tweeted Trump in a two-part thread.

The president's tweet received more than 28,000 likes and nearly 8,000 retweets within an hour. Also, approximately 9,000 Twitter accounts responded to Trump's diss of Fox News. Several users expressed dismay that the president of the United States believed that any media would promote his or any other president's election or re-election because they felt the purpose of media is to report the news.

Some people also opined that Trump should not be allowed to dictate coverage for any U.S. news network. Others indicated that more than 90,000 Americans had died amid the coronavirus pandemic, and they expressed dismay that the president seemed so concerned about promoting himself instead of working on the crisis.

At least a few of those who replied agreed with the president. Some users accused Fox News of becoming more like CNN and MSNBC. Still, others noted that it was part of the mainstream media and couldn't be trusted anyway. A few Twitter users also said that they only watch the Fox News primetime lineup each weekday.

Although Trump regularly retweets Fox News stories and praises some of its hosts, he has also spoken out about the network negatively over the past few weeks. On May 18, he also tweeted that the channel isn't what it used to be, also noting that he's looking for a new outlet since he believes that the channel has a growing number of anti-Trump contributors.

Several times over the past few months, Trump promoted the small One America News Network via his Twitter account and in other ways, according to a CNN report. The conservative station, which is owned by Herring Networks Inc., is headquartered in San Diego with bureaus in New York City, Washington, D.C., and California, and it launched on July 4, 2013.