May 16, 2020
Roger Waters Says Mike Pence And Mike Pompeo 'Will Kill Every Living Thing On This Planet'

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, who has been outspoken about his criticism of Donald Trump's administration, recently took aim at Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. As reported by Breitbart, Waters addressed the pair in a podcast with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore that was released on Friday.

"There's no heroes and villains, really, in any of this," Waters began.

"You get to the real villains. Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence. Yeah. Those are real villains, because they're going to kill us all if they get a chance. They will kill every living thing on this planet. They will have a nuclear war with Russia or China if they get the chance."
Waters' sentiments were echoed by Adam Weinstein in a piece for The New Republic, in which the writer argued that Pompeo is the most dangerous person in the world. Weinstein pointed to Pompeo's alleged role in leading Trump into "war footing" with Iran and the purported lies that he used to push America into a precarious position.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, CNN correspondent Jamie Gangel accused Pompeo of being the person responsible for the assassination of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Pompeo allegedly wanted the general dead for more than a decade and made it a goal to achieve before he retires from public service.

Outside of the Trump administration, Waters, who is from England, used his talk with Moore to praise socialism and suggested that he has mixed feelings about the United States as a whole.

"I have this real love-hate relationship with this great country and it is a great country. And I love the people. At heart, the American people are such good people."
Nevertheless, Waters called it "shocking" that Americans have let their goodwill be "subverted" by propaganda.
As reported by Rolling Stone in February, Waters previously delved into his thoughts on the Trump administration at a New York screening of his concert film, Us + Them. In particular, he called Trump a "tyrant" and "mass destroyer" and called America a "fool's hell." According to Waters, the most significant battle in the world is the one between propaganda and love. Echoing his recent interview with Moore, Waters claimed that propaganda is currently winning, and the people pushing such information are "sociopathic f*ckers."

Despite his hatred of Trump and his allies, Waters is no fan of presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, either. In an April interview with Rolling Stone, Waters suggested Biden would lose to the president in November.