Police Honor Grandmother Who Detained Intruder

Spokane police have honored a grandmother who detained an intruder in her home. Sandra Mize shot at, and detained, 35-year-old Sean Denny who had broken into her home. The grandmother of 10 held Denny at gunpoint until officers arrived to her home.

Spokane police officers have honored the grandmother with a junior police badge for her courage in detaining the intruder. Mize states that she keeps the .22-caliber handgun in her home for protection, but never thought she would have to use it. The weapon had not been fired in nearly 30 years.

As reported by the Gazette Times, Mize did not hesitate to use the gun when Denny busted through her back door and refused to leave. She was reportedly sleeping when she heard a loud crash. Thinking fast, she grabbed her gun before leaving her bedroom. As she looked around the house, she eventually found the intruder standing in her kitchen. She asked the man to leave and he just kept walking toward her. He reportedly continued to approach her as she fired her gun.

The 63-year-old suffers from arthritis, and was surprised she had the strength to pull the trigger. She was happy that the bullet ended up in the door frame.


Denny was apparently stunned by Mize’s reaction to his intrusion. He reportedly went into the living room and sat on the couch. Mize called 911, with the gun aimed at the stunned intruder. She reportedly told the operator, “I have an intruder, I’m armed, and I have discharged my gun.” Mize is thankful that Denny did not try to resist her as he is twice her size.

As reported by the Spokesman-Review, Denny was arrested by the Spokane police and charged with two counts of burglary. Frank Straub, Spokane Chief of Police discussed the benefits of of owning a gun. Straub states, “having a firearm in your home for personal protection, I guess we got to see the value of that last night.”

Police were proud to honor the grandmother for detaining an intruder. Mize was happy the situation was handled without anyone being harmed. This was the second time someone broke into her home in the last 45 years.