WWE Rumors: Recently Released Superstar Might Have Teased Plans To Join AEW, Report Suggests

A photo of WWE's official logo.

With more than a week gone since WWE released several lower- and mid-card wrestlers amid financial concerns brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, a new report suggests that one of these former superstars might be hinting at plans to join rival promotion All Elite Wrestling.

On Friday, WrestlingNews.co cited a tweet from EC3, who took to social media earlier in the week to share a 25-second video of himself lifting weights. In the caption, the recently released wrestler referenced a passage from the Book of Revelation while commenting on two things — the intensity of his workout and how only an “a**hole” like himself would wear his own merchandise while exercising. What stood out, however, was his choice of background music — the song “Judas” by Fozzy, the heavy metal band fronted by former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho.

As explained by the publication, it seems likely that EC3 is interested in moving to AEW, as he is friends with Jericho and had been spotted with him in February in Orlando, Florida, about two months before WWE announced its massive job cuts. However, it was also noted that AEW’s own cost-cutting measures amid the pandemic make it unclear whether chief executive Tony Khan will be interested in signing at least some of the newly released WWE superstars.

“While AEW is saving money by taping shows, they are not generating ticket revenue and their only source of revenue is coming from their TV contract with TNT,” WrestlingNews.co wrote. “For that reason, it would be safe to assume that AEW may not be quick to sign more than a couple of names that were recently on WWE TV.”

This isn’t the first time that EC3 seemed to drop hints about joining AEW or feuding with its talents. As reported by Fansided‘s Daily DDT, the former superstar took to Twitter on Monday night to post a video in which he took aim at WWE for not giving wrestlers enough creative control and for firing a large number of employees amid a global health pandemic for the sake of its “bottom line.” Quite notably, he also seemed to mouth the initials “MJF” — a reference to top AEW heel Maxwell Jacob Friedman — when saying that he could play a certain type of character “better than anybody else.”

Aside from EC3, there have been a few other wrestlers who have been linked to AEW since they were released by WWE on April 15. These include 14-year WWE veteran Zack Ryder, who was praised by AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes on social media just hours after news of his release first became public.