Suspect Arrested In 77 Virginia Arsons

Virginia Arson Suspect Arrested

A suspect has been arrested in 77 Virginia arsons. Tonya S. Bundick was arrested Monday night in connection with the latest in a string of intentional fires set along Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Bundick was reportedly arrested after leaving the scene of the latest fire, which was set last night in Melfa, Virginia. Details are few, but authorities confirm that the woman was arrested following a traffic stop in the vicinity of the fire.

She is currently in custody as police determine if she is connected to 77 other cases of arson. The cases of arson have plagued the state of Virginia for five months, occurring nearly every other night.

As reported by the Huffington Post, a majority of the fires have occurred in unoccupied or abandoned structures along Virginia’s coast. Thankfully, there have not been any injuries associated with the fires.

Although nobody was physically injured in the 77 cases of arson, the fires have caused extensive damage. Some of the properties were located at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Reserve.

Intentional fires cost the state money and needlessly risk the lives of firefighters. A $25,000 reward has been offered for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in the Virginia arsons.


As reported by the Washington Post, authorities in Virginia are calling the fires the worst breakout of arson the state has ever seen. They believe the crimes were committed by a group of people, working together to commit the crimes.

Authorities will hold a press conference this afternoon. They are expected to detail information about the suspect and any possible connection to the 77 Virginia arsons. At this time Bundick has been charged with one count of arson and one count of conspiracy to commit arson. Both are felony criminal charges. Another unidentified suspect is being questioned about the arsons but has not been arrested.