Powerball Winner Pays Neighbors’ Rent, At Least A Month For The Whole Block

Powerball winner Pedro Quezada is paying the rent for the entire block where he owns a small shop after snagging a jackpot worth $338 million.

Quezada was revealed to be the Powerball winner last Monday after Saturday night’s big draw, and the Passaic man was described by his neighbors as a hardworking resident of the neighborhood.

But later in the week, it was revealed that Quezada, a father of five, was in arrears of $29,000 in child support — and reaction to the story was not very kind.

However, earlier today it was reported the Powerball winner immediately settled his child support debt, and further reported that Quezada planned a very generous gesture toward all the people on his block after the massive windfall.

The New York Daily News cites several neighbors in Quezada’s area as confirming the news, saying the Powerball winner pledged to pay their rent for at least one month — maybe two.

An unnamed friend of Quezada dished on the Powerball winner’s rent plan to the paper, saying:

“He said he’s going to pay the rent for everybody here on this block for at least a month or two months … He’s such a good guy.”

Neighbor Richard Delgado said:

“God bless him, and thank you.”

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Another neighbor, John Koblarz, was initially excited about the Powerball winner’s rent pledge — but then he added:

“Oh, he can’t afford to pay mine … Mine is $20,000. I own the building!”

While the Powerball winner has clearly remembered his neighbors after his unbelievably good fortune, locals also say he’s been nowhere to be seen since his big win.