Robber Suffers Heart Attack During Raid, Accomplice Leaves Him At The Scene

An English armed robber was brought to justice by his own body as he attempted to raid a jeweller’s shop on Saturday morning, when he suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the floor in front of his targets.

The man, who is in his 40s, was then given CPR by paramedics as they attempted to save his life. He was then rushed to hospital.

The thief’s accomplice, who had helped him enter the shop that had just opened, abandoned his ally empty-handed, as well as leaving behind the motorcycle they had used to arrive at the scene.

Moments earlier, the pair had smashed three glass windows in an attempt to enter the John Gowing jewellery store in Oxford. But then as they confronted those in front of them, one of whom alerted police during the ordeal, the oldest member of the posse clutched his chest and then collapsed to the ground.

A sales assistant then told The Sun, “I can’t believed it has happened. I haven’t heard of anyone being hurt at the covered market before. People come shopping here because it is such a nice, pleasant atmosphere.”

James Keating-Wilkes, a spokesman for the South Central Ambulance Service, stated, “The ambulance service was called by the police who said that there was an unresponsive male of the floor of John Gowing jewellers’ store in the covered market.”

He then added, “We sent a rapid response vehicle and a double manned ambulance to the scene and carried out CPR on the patient, who was aged about 40 years.”

It has also been reported that the man is in a serious condition in hospital, whilst his accomplice remains at large, as he sprinted away wearing a motorbike helmet with a full visor down.

Mervyn Brooker, a 66-year-old shopper who witnessed the ordeal, stated, “It’s very worrying. You hear of this sort of thing happening elsewhere in the country but when it comes to the area where you live and shop, it makes you think.”