Marc Foster Talks ‘World War Z’

Director Marc Foster has been discussing his work on the upcoming zombie action adventure, World War Z.

Despite having a hoard of production problems throughout its shoot, footage has now emerged of the film and it looks incredibly impressive.

Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, who, along with his with Karen, played by Mireille Enos and their two children, is caught out when a wave of zombies attack Philadelphia in the middle of rush hour.

World War Z appears to be an intense zombie tale as it only takes 12 second for someone bitten to turn into a member of the undead, whilst the creatures are much quicker and agile than previous incarnations.

Lane is then ordered to help travel the globe in search of the reasons for why this epidemic started.

Foster was asked if he thought production had been troubled or rushed, to which he responded, “I wouldn’t say it was rushed into production, it’s not the right way to talk about it. We were developing the script and when you’re developing a film on a massive scale from scratch, on these productions you’re never completely prepared because you can prep the movie for a year and still come up with things.”

He then proclaimed that the movies’ shoot had actually been a success, stating, “We finished the film on time, we didn’t go over schedule, so that’s a sign for me that we were on time in that sense, and that’s usually a sing that things are out of control.”

However he did conceded that there were problems with the film’s conclusion, stating, “We re-created the ending, but everything else worked.”

Foster also remarked that he has attempted to bring a unique stance to the genre, and that he as tried not to copy the filmmakers who have come before him.

Are you looking forward to World War Z?