‘World War Z’ Gets Second Trailer

World War Z had its second trailer surface online this weekend, but Paramount Studios seems to be trying to stop this second trailer from getting out just yet. The video has been pulled from YouTube, likely because the video went public a little earlier than they expected.

This new trailer has quite a few shots from the first Super Bowl trailer, but also sheds quite a bit more light into what Brad Pitt’s character has to go through in order to try and save his family and the world.

World War Z has had its fair share of problems making it to the movie theaters. There were rumors that the film’s star, Brad Pitt was having a feud with the director of the film back in June but the studio was able to overcome those issues and the movie is on track to be released on June 21st.

In the new trailer, we get to see how the zombie apocalypse will even affect trying to get away from these breed of always running monsters. One scene shows Pitt’s character on an airplane when the zombies stage a blitz attack that rips the emergency exit open.

This particular trailer seems to be quite a bit better than the one they did release back in February. Alongside the airplane scene, it seems as if Russia might be playing a rather large part in how the world is going to stop the problem.

The movie has also been met with quite a bit of anger because the movie is named after a book that has taken the point of view of telling the tale after the zombie outbreak has been contained. There is less action and more explanation in the book and the fanbase isn’t particularly happy that the main plot points were changed so drastically.

Are you going to be hitting World War Z when its finally released?

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