Criminal’s To-Do List Includes Scoring Some Meth, Being Nice To Strangers

Weymouth, MA – One alleged criminal seemingly wanted to balance out his karma during a day of planned illicit acts. After being arrested, police found a strange “to-do list” on Evan T. Dorsey, which included plans to score some crystal meth, commit a break-in, get a gold watch, and do one altruistic thing for a complete and total stranger.

Dorsey is currently facing charges of breaking and entering, according to North Weymouth police captain Richard Fuller. The 25-year-old offender was arraigned Monday and ordered to undergo in-patient drug and alcohol treatment for a planned April 22 return to court.

Most interesting about Dorsey’s arrest was his “to-do” notebook that police found on him. His plans included “getting” stealing a gold watch, finding crystal meth, commit a break-in or steal from a drug dealer, sell drugs, and finally, perform one random act of kindness for a complete stranger.

Sadly, he didn’t get to that last thing, because he was arrested while trying to break into a house.

“This is a first for us,” Fuller said. “Those aren’t things you would normally put on your daily to-do list.”

Dorsey was busted with a blackjack, burglary tools, and roughly two-dozen pieces of assorted jewelry, according to Fuller. He had no explanation for where the jewelry came from.

He has been charged with breaking and entering in the daytime (a felony), larceny of drugs, possession of Class E drugs (usually prescription drugs), possession of burglary tools, receiving stolen property worth over $250, receiving stolen property worth $250 or less, carrying a dangerous weapon, and attempting to commit a crime.

What a rap sheet! Now you can see why he needed a bit of karmic balance in there.

[Image via: Psychonaught, Wikimedia Commons]