Steve Bannon Says Coronavirus Will Help Donald Trump Win In 2020, Even Against Michelle Obama

Although Donald Trump has come under fire from some for his response to the coronavirus, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the epidemic will ultimately help him win re-election.

Per Raw Story, Bannon began his appearance on Sunday Morning Futures by discussing his view of the current state of the Democratic primary and his belief that black voters ⁠— a crucial Democratic voting bloc ⁠— aren't interested in Bernie Sanders' candidacy.

"They're not buying the socialism. They're not buying the radicalism, they're not buying the revolution. These are very practical, pragmatic people."
According to Bannon, the Democratic Party is going to "steal the nomination" from Sanders again, echoing Trump's comments in recent weeks. If this comes to be, Bannon believes it will push many of the Vermont senator's disaffected supporters to Trump in 2020. Bannon suggested that Hillary Clinton might make a last-minute presidential bid, while Bartiromo theorized that the Democratic elites would pick former first lady Michelle Obama at a contested convention.

"I think if they go to the convention and they're desperate and Bernie is way behind Donald Trump, the Obamas and the Clintons will look for any alternative to try to defeat president Trump," Bannon said.

Nevertheless, the 66-year-old political strategist claimed that the coronavirus would ultimately be positive for Trump as it will push him to bring the country together in the face of the adversity it creates.

"This is Trump's Churchill moment," Bannon said. "He's got to bring the country together, which he's doing. He's got to confront not just the virus, but the economic contagion that's coming out of China… He does that, you don't need to worry about 2020."

As reported by Newsmax, Bannon praised Trump for his decision to ban travel to and from China, which is where the coronavirus originated. He also claimed Trump is right to apply pressure to China's President Xi Jinping for transparency and praised his decision to use Vice President Mike Pence's "steady hand" to guide the coronavirus task force.

Despite Bannon's claims, other reports paint a different picture of the White House's coronavirus response. As reported by The Inquisitr, The Washington Post spoke to almost two dozen officials, lawmakers, former aides, and public health experts about the Trump administration's approach to the virus, and it didn't bode well.

According to a report on the conversations, the administration is struggling with a lack of leadership, with one senior official calling the administration's response "complete chaos."