Charles Barkley The Bulldog A Huge Hit On Instagram

Charles Barkley the bulldog is taking over Instagram.

The little French Bulldog named after the big basketball star, Sir Charles, has earned thousands of followers on the picture-sharing social network with his cute pictures and become a viral hit even outside the site.

Charles Barkley the bulldog has a little help from his human friends, Paul and Melissa. They started an account for Charles Barkley that features the dog in a range of poses including lounging on a bed in a pair of boxers (the undergarment, not the canine) and trying on an oversized pair of sneakers in front of a picture of Michael Jordan.

Paul and Melissa said the popularity of Sir Charles caused them to start a separate account just for his pictures.

“We didn’t want to blow up our own Instagram accounts with his pics,” Melissa told Mashable. “He ended up gaining more followers than we ever expected and that’s when we realized we really have to keep up with his account.”

And the pup is quite photogenic, she adds.

“He knows how to sit, sit pretty, lay down, roll over, shake both hands and play dead. That’s when we learned he’ll do almost anything for food.”

Charles Barkley the bulldog isn’t too different in his home life as his newfound celebrity life, Melissa said.

“From his snorting, whining, burping and farting — he makes us laugh every day.”

Charles Barkley the bulldog might be trying to copy the success of another social media-friendly animal. Tardar Sauce, also known as the internet’s grumpiest cat, earned herself plenty of fans with her downturned mouth that looked like she was in a perpetually bad mood.

“Tardar has what looks kind of like an under bite. She looked unique, as did her brother, at birth, with a flat face, bubble eyes, and a short tail,” owner Tabatha Bundesen explained.

Tardar Sauce was an instant hit, generating millions of clicks and even making an appearance at the South by Southwest festival.

Charles Barkley the bulldog may not be as grumpy, but he’s quickly becoming as popular.

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