Andrew Yang Says He Is ‘Definitely Starting A Podcast’

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks during the 2020 Gun Safety Forum hosted by gun control activist groups Giffords and March for Our Lives at Enclave on October 2, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

In June of last year, then-Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang revealed plans for a podcast, possibly titled Let Yang Speak. On Thursday, the Venture for America founder confirmed that such a project is in the works and asked supporters for guest requests.

“Now that we have our heads up I am definitely starting a podcast for the #yanggang. Guest requests below. Let’s do it. #LetYangSpeak,” he wrote.

The possible podcast name began as a reference to a hashtag that Yang’s supporters spread across Twitter after alleged mic issues at the first Democratic presidential debate. Back when Yang first spoke of the idea, he said it was proposed to him by a supporter that suggested “annotated commentary” on the debate as well as other topics.

Thus far, supporters have thrown out a variety of guest requests, including Tesla founder Elon Musk, comedian Dave Chappelle, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, CNN commentator Van Jones, and Republican presidential candidate and transhumanist Zoltan Istvan.

The news comes not long after Yang revealed his new position as a CNN commentator and made his first appearance on the network discussing Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate. The move surprised many of Yang’s supporters, who noted that CNN was, on many occasions, dismissive of his campaign and omitted him from various chyrons and graphics.

Regardless, The Washington Examiner reported that Yang has received positive feedback from many political observers.

“CNN made a great decision to bring on @AndrewYang as a political commentator. he’s candid, speaks like normal people speak and i really like hearing what he has to say about stuff,” tweeted YouTuber Casey Neistat.

“Every list of ‘Winners’ tonight needs to include Andrew Yang who’s now a CNN contributor and I’ve been watching him crack himself up on a 7-person panel and nobody interrupts him and he has insightful things to say,” wrote Washington Post reporter Hamza Shaban.

Per Hill Reporter, Yang predicts that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the primary’s current front-runner, will underperform in swing states if he is the Democratic Party’s eventual nominee. The publication pushed back on the assertion, pointing to reported polling numbers from such states that show Sanders outperforming Donald Trump, notably in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

In addition, the publication noted that Sanders outpolled Trump nationally in a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll that was released this week.

On many occasions, Yang expressed his belief that Trump was elected in 2016 because of the automation of jobs in the swing states he won, per RealClearPolitics.