‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Valentin Details Plans With Martin As He Presses Forward

Valerie DurantABC

Viewers are anxious to learn more about the mysterious ELQ takeover plot and General Hospital spoilers hint that more information is coming with Wednesday’s episode. The sneak peek for the February 12 show reveals that Valentin will talk with his lawyer Martin and it seems he will reveal some details about what he hopes to accomplish.

Last week, viewers were hit with something of a shocker seemingly tied to the threat to ELQ. It was revealed that Martin has been working on Valentin’s behalf not only to handle Nelle but also to use Brook Lynn’s skeezy producer Linc to manipulate her as well.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode shared via Twitter shows Valentin and Martin having a discussion that seems to be related to all of this. General Hospital spoilers detail that Valentin will tell Martin that he needs a majority holding to take control of “this” company.

While Valentin doesn’t specifically mention ELQ in this clip, it seems virtually certain that’s the company he’s referencing. He is counting on being able to make an attractive enough offer to Nelle to acquire her portion that she’s claiming as Shiloh’s widow. In addition, it seems that Valentin is thinking that he’ll be able to get his hands on Brook Lynn’s shares in a deal to have Linc let her out of her contract.

That may not sound like enough to accomplish what he wants, but it would certainly put him in a strong position. As General Hospital fans know, the ELQ stock percentages are spread out among quite a few family members, so gaining a majority really means pulling ahead of the others.

So far, General Hospital spoilers have not revealed much more about this plan. Tracy returned to Port Charles in large part to warn Ned and the rest of the family about someone trying to take over ELQ, but so far, nobody knows who is behind this plot.

Even if Valentin can financially pull off buying Nelle’s shares and maneuvering to get Brook Lynn’s, it wouldn’t give him a majority percentage. It seems he’d still have to pull in another chunk of stock and it’s not clear where this would come from.

Valentin is facing challenges on all fronts right now and General Hospital spoilers hint that these are going to take a toll on him. According to SheKnows Soaps, Valentin will be ready to make a proclamation of sorts during Thursday’s show. However, during Friday’s episode, he faces something potentially devastating.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted that the Quartermaine family will be facing a major battle with this potential ELQ takeover. Now, it looks like that battle will really start to heat up with Wednesday’s show.