Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Reveal That Martin & Valentin Have Been Scheming More Than Anyone Realized

Friday's episode of General Hospital delivered some interesting revelations, and spoilers suggest that the coming week will be filled with dramatic developments. Fans have known that Martin was representing Nelle, but really doing it via Valentin's request, and this storyline just took a surprising leap forward.

Nelle is doing her best to torture Michael and the Quartermaine family so she can get a huge offer to buy her shares of ELQ. She has played hard-to-get on this, but Michael isn't giving her the offer she wants. At the end of Friday's episode, she called Martin and said she was ready to consider the offers they had previously discussed.

Some fans had been speculating that Valentin might be the mystery person going after ELQ, and it's looking like that is indeed the case. Martin wasted little time in calling Valentin to let him know they were ready to take the next step in their plan.

There was one juicy conversation that came just before that call to Valentin though.

Brook Lynn's sleazy producer was poking around again and he had a contentious meeting with Brook Lynn and Ned. After the Quartermaine duo left, and after Martin talked to Nelle, the lawyer approached the producer.

It turns out that Martin has been coordinating with the producer as well. Apparently, the producer's task was to push Brook Lynn to the point where she'd do anything to get out of her contract.

The producer has made it seem as if he's going to continue to act inappropriately and harass her, all without letting her out of the contract. Now, however, it looks as if his real goal was to push her to the point where she'd perhaps be willing to sell off her ELQ stock in exchange for tearing up that contract.

It's probably safe to say that viewers hadn't figured out that twist yet, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there may be other twists on the way.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Valentin will have an announcement to make next week. Granted, this could be related to several things. He's battling Lulu for custody of Charlotte; he's trying to keep control of the Cassadine fortune despite Nikolas' return; and now he's clearly angling to shake things up with ELQ.

As much as Valentin may think he's on the brink of getting nearly everything he wants, that won't be the case next Friday. His world is said to take a dark and horrible turn of some sort. Will he find out he's not a Cassadine? Will he lose Charlotte?

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle is sticking around for at least a couple of weeks, and viewers can expect to see Helena back in some way as the February sweeps period continues. Are there more bombshells on the way regarding Martin and his sneaky plans? Fans are definitely buzzing over these new shockers and can't wait to see what's ahead.