Weekly 'General Hospital' Spoilers Hint That Valentin May Cross Lines & Fire Shots As His Jealousy Escalates

A new sneak peek filled with General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 10 has just been shared via the show's Twitter page. Fans already know this is likely to be a wild week filled with drama from start to finish and this preview seems to confirm that.

Valentin is navigating some tricky situations these days and this new sneak peek suggests that it may push him to take drastic action. He is crushed that Nina dumped him and he has always been wary of Jax's interest in Nina.

In addition, Valentin is at risk of losing everything Cassadine-related he has acquired, not only in terms of his riches but his name may be taken from him as well. On top of all of that, Lulu is trying to get full custody of Charlotte from Valentin.

General Hospital spoilers share that not all is lost for Valentin, however. He has big plans when it comes to ELQ and that could reposition him in a powerful way.

Based on the tantalizing Valentin-related tidbits incorporated into the new preview for the week, he should figure prominently in the action over the next few days. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that the most intense of these developments will likely be shown on Thursday and Friday.

The preview teases that romantic feelings for Nina will continue to complicate both Jax's and Valentin's lives. General Hospital spoilers indicate that at one point, Nina will be at Ava's gallery and Ava will point out that Valentin still has feelings for his ex-wife. Despite Jax pulling away from her last week, Nina will confidently quip that she's moving on from her ex-husband.

Another portion of the sneak peek suggests that Valentin will revert back to his dark, violent ways as a result of Nina and Jax's budding new relationship. He is seen entering a room where Jax is, pulling out a gun and pointing it at Jax.

It's not hard to imagine that Valentin will want to do something drastic. However, it seems virtually guaranteed that this will turn out to be a dream sequence or something of that nature.

While it's not clear exactly where Jax is at this moment, the meeting between the two men appears to be happening in a room set up as an office. Dustin is there with Jax, wearing a suit, and Josslyn enters the room right behind Valentin. Joss looks rushed and concerned, while Valentin is clearly angry.

Why would Dustin be in an office with Jax wearing a suit? There may well be a legitimate explanation for that, but this may also be a telling sign that the scene doesn't actually happen as it is being teased.

General Hospital spoilers for the week indicate that Valentin will make an announcement and his life is about to take a very dark turn. Nina will confide in Ava and Jax will get a sign that he should move forward.

It seems likely that all of this signals the likelihood that Nina and Jax will continue to flirt and edge toward a romantic relationship as Valentin rages over all that he has lost. While it is surely a dream that Valentin or someone connected to this storyline has that he shoots Jax, General Hospital spoilers do hint that he may find himself willing to go to great lengths to recover what he believes is his.