Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robert’s Pressuring Peter & Finn’s Ready To Share With Sam & Jason

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

Things are looking rather dire for Peter on General Hospital and spoilers for Tuesday’s episode hint that his life may be about to get even more difficult. Anna is desperate to keep Peter out of trouble, but there is a whole team of people in Port Charles trying to prove he orchestrated the hit on Franco and Andre. Based on the sneak peek for the February 11 show, Finn may be ready to take a stand on this front.

During Monday’s show, Anna and Robert fought over Peter and how set she is on protecting him. The conversation got heated, and Peter overheard part of it. Not only that, but Alexis opened up to Finn about the tough spot Sam is in with her parole officer. After Alexis left, Finn called Sam and told her he had information to share with her.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode suggests that Finn will decide to spill the scoop he has. He now seems ready to do that, even though it had looked like he was going to protect Anna even if it meant protecting Peter too.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Finn, Jason, and Sam will quietly meet up this week and Finn will tell them that he will give them the information about Peter they want.

The weekly General Hospital preview shows another glimpse of this conversation. Jason will state that Anna has been covering for Peter, and it seems that this statement will come in connection with Finn detailing what he knows.

Is Finn really going to fully betray Anna here? General Hospital spoilers have previously hinted that he will be truthful with Sam and Jason. However, it could be that he will make a deal of sorts with Jason and Sam. Perhaps he will promise to give them the information they need, but only if Anna is kept out of it all.

As Jason and Sam anxiously wait to see how forthright Finn will be with them, General Hospital spoilers note that Robert and Peter will have a chat. Now that Peter overheard Robert arguing with Anna, neither man has to try to pretend there is any real goodwill between them.

Whatever happens during this conversation, Robert will end up telling Peter that it has to stay between the two of them. Soap Central notes that this week, Robert will speak his mind. He certainly did that with Anna during Monday’s show, and it looks like he may do the same with Peter on Tuesday.

Jason and Sam may be inching closer and closer to being able to prove Peter should be locked up and both Robert and Spinelli will be assisting in the ongoing investigation. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that Peter’s not going to be taken down quite yet. Fans feel certain that the day is coming, and many are anxious to see it finally happen.