‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn’s Under Pressure & Peter’s Busy Lurking

General Hospital spoilers tease that this week is going to be a wild one with the Peter storyline. He is desperate to prevent Maxie and others in Port Charles from finding out the truth about all the bad things he has done, and his mother Anna seems willing to cross lines to help protect him. However, Jason, Sam, and Robert are convinced otherwise, and Finn is somewhat stuck in the middle.

A new sneak peek was posted on the show’s Twitter page on Monday morning. This clip shares a few additional General Hospital spoilers about where this all heads next, and it looks like there will be progress with this complicated storyline throughout the entire week.

In the preview, Finn is seen with Jason and Sam. Viewers saw last week that Sam was trying to get Finn to open up about what he knows regarding Peter. He seemed to be feeling conflicted and on the verge of exposing Anna and Peter, but ultimately, he kept his cards close to the vest.

Once Finn returned home to Anna, he cautioned her that Jason and Sam were working with Robert on investigating Peter. General Hospital spoilers share that Anna will question Finn about this on Monday. Robert shows up and visits with Emma, and during this visit, Anna will ask her fiance to tell her everything he knows.

Jason is seen at the start of the new sneak peek stating that Anna has been covering for Peter. Sam is standing next to Jason at this moment, holding his arm, and Finn is facing the two of them. Finn doesn’t immediately say anything, but he looks quite serious.

Finn probably won’t confirm what Jason is saying. However, at this point, Jason sounds confident he’s figured out another piece of the puzzle, and he probably doesn’t expect Finn to admit anything.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason and Sam will secretly meet up during Tuesday’s show. General Hospital spoilers also note that Finn will be committed to protecting Anna, and it seems as if this is probably when this conversation involving Jason, Sam, and Finn takes place.

Anna will lean on Finn and butt heads with Robert as her desperation to protect Peter intensifies. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will even ask Robert why he can’t just leave this alone.

As much as Robert loves Anna and would probably do nearly anything for her, he won’t back down on this. He’ll forcefully tell her that he can’t ignore this.

As all of this is going on, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter will be quietly hanging around and doing his best to escape detection. The weekly sneak peek shows him hovering outside the door to Anna’s place, seemingly ready to knock and then pausing and putting his hand down.

Could Peter overhear some of these conversations about him? It seems possible, although that’s not known for certain. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will be spending time with Emma during Wednesday’s show and this likely won’t sit well with Robert if he becomes aware of it.

Fans are anxious to see the truth emerge and watch as Peter is exposed, but General Hospital spoilers hint that this may take a while yet. It seems likely that Peter will find himself in hot water over all of this at some point soon, but it appears that his ultimate downfall won’t be due to Anna giving up on him.

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