Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Anna & Finn’s Relationship Is Strained, But He Still Sticks By Her

On Monday’s General Hospital, Anna and Finn will be hashing things out about Peter. Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that she will feel the strain of keeping what she knows a secret, and that will in turn put a strain on her relationship with her fiance. They are in disagreement right now on how to handle things with her son, and with the two girls now in their house, more complications will arise.

ABC also put out a sneak peek showing Anna telling Finn that he needs to tell her everything that Jason and Sam want from him. Sam did her best to convince Finn to spill the beans on the info that Anna is holding back about Peter August. She is trying to protect him, but deep down she knows that he may very well be guilty. She is feeling the heat, and it’s about to get even more complicated when Robert Scorpio shows up.

The two exes are at odds, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed. In fact, things are about to get worse between them. Robert arrives at Anna’s right in the middle of her conversation with Finn. He is there to see Emma, who is visiting her grandparents for a few days. Robert tells Emma that she is a sight for sore eyes, which seems to indicate that he is having a rough go of it lately.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Finn will be standing by the woman he loves. However, rumors have it that Jason and Sam will be getting hold of the information needed to nail Peter. Will Finn give them the incriminating evidence they need?

While Finn will be doing his best to protect Anna, Robert is expected to speak his mind. He is not one to mince words, especially with his ex. He won’t be holding back on how he feels about her trying to protect her son, who is still doing bad things all in the name of love.

More spoilers tease that Robert will be getting the FBI involved in his desire to nail Peter August for his crimes, as he seeks their assistance. Whether that gets him anywhere has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, Anna and Finn have things that they need to work out in their relationship. Peter has come in between them, and fans are hoping that they can survive this ordeal. Finn has a daughter to protect now, and he doesn’t want Peter around her if he can help it.

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