Dexter Gets New Season 8 Trailer [Video]

Dexter season 8 trailer

Dexter has gotten a brand new trailer for its eighth and apparently final season. The difference between this particular trailer and those we usually get to see is that this one doesn’t have any footage of the upcoming season.

Showtime has decided to pay homage to the ridiculously huge death count that their titular character has been responsible for by simply showing every name of someone who has died on the show. Not all of the names are people that do-gooding serial killer has actually offed but all the names are of people who have died because of him.

Dexter isn’t even the only one who might have been responsible for some of these deaths. A couple of the names are on the list thanks to Deb’s actions or lack there of in certain cases.

The show is so dark and disturbing that it appears that the cast gets into some really weird trouble in real life on occasion. Mabel Pantaleon who appeared in one episode went missing during the summer last year. Luckily she turned up safe and sound at a New York airport.

It has been pointed out that if you haven’t caught up to the end of season 7 you may not want to watch this particular trailer. There is apparently a rather large spoiler to the seventh season’s finale.

While this is the first trailer to hit the net, it most likely won’t be the last. There’s about three more months until the show finally gets started and its a safe bet that Showtime’s PR machine will be ramping up for something really big

The beginning of the series’ final season is set to get started on June 30.

When Dexter begins its final season, will you be going out of your way in order to take it in.