‘Dexter’ To End After This Season, Says Les Moonves

Dexter will soon be coming to an end.

The 8th season of the hit Showtime show will premiere this Summer and according to Les Moonves it will be the final season.

During a Q&A session today, Moonves said that “Dexter’s last season” will start this June.

Moonves, who was asked about Showtime’s future shows, said: “We have Ray Donovan coming on, with Liev Schreiber, which comes on with Dexter‘s last season starting in June…”

It may not be an official announcement but Moonves, who is the president and CEO of CBS (the parent company of Showtime), would certainly know when Dexter would be coming to an end. Showtime hasn’t commented on Moonves’ interview.

Of course, Moonves may have misspoken or he may have been misinformed. Dexter is currently bringing in a massive audience for Showtime and if it continues to do so during season 8 it wouldn’t be surprising to see at least one more season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dexter broke Showtime’s audience record for an original series last year when 2.6 million viewers tuned into watch an episode about the serial killer.

This isn’t the first time that Dexter fans have had to face the reality that the show would be coming to an end.

Before the start of season seven, producer Sara Cottleton said:

“We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender. We have worked that out and know where it’s going to end. Next year will definitely be the last year of Dexter. Absolutely. From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.”

Do you think it’s time for Dexter to hang up his bloody tarp?

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