February 1, 2020
A Jewish Family That Was Kicked Off A Flight Because Of Body Odor Is Suing American Airlines

Last year, Michigan couple Yehuda Yosef Adler and Jennie Adler were traveling with American Airlines with their 19-month-old daughter. Only moments after they were seated on the plane, they were told they must get off due to an emergency. It was then they were informed my the flight staffed that they'd been kicked off due to their allegedly strong body odor. Now, the family is suing American Airlines, according to NBC.

The Adlers were unsurprisingly shocked and embarrassed when they were told the reason behind getting kicked off their plane. But the experience worsened even beyond humiliation, according to the lawsuit. The couple, who are Orthodox Jews, alleges that they were the victims of racial and religious discrimination. They also claim to have suffered from "unbearable humiliation, embarrassment and mental and emotional anguish" after having been removed from the flight.

In the lawsuit, the couple said it was the pilot who ultimately made the decision to kick the whole family off the plane.

"Once outside, defendant's agent told Mr. Adler that the pilot was booting the family off the plane because of body odor. Mr. Adler asked the agent if the body odor was emanating from him, his wife or child and the agent would not respond to the question but continued to state that the Adlers must leave the plane at the instruction of the pilot and because they had extremely offensive body odor."
The Adlers did not think there was any reason that they would smell, as they had both showered earlier that day. They explained this to the flight staff but were allegedly only further made fun of due to their religion.

"In response, defendant's agent made disparaging and derogatory statement telling the Adlers that he knew Orthodox Jews take baths once a week," said the couple's lawyer, Nwadi Nwogu.

There was nothing the Adlers could do to get back on their flight. The plane, which was headed to Detroit, left without them and took their luggage with it. Thus, they were stuck at the airport with no luggage and none of the supplies they needed for their infant daughter.

Despite how bizarre this situation is, American Airlines has defended its reasoning behind kicking the Adler family off the plane. The airline has insisted that some of the passengers complained of the family's scent.

This is hardly the only American Airlines lawsuit that has made headlines in recent months. Just earlier this month, a California woman sued the airline, claiming a staff member got her cellphone number from her luggage tag and then proceeded to stalk her, as The Inquisitr previously reported.