Chicago Toddler Shot In The Head, Hospitalized After Parents Allegedly Fought Over Gun

A 1-year-old baby has been hospitalized in Chicago, Illinois, after he was shot in the head allegedly during an argument. According to ABC News, the toddler, whose name hasn’t been revealed, was in the same room as his parents when the quarreling couple had a physical altercation.

The couple, who were also in possession of a gun, then allegedly started fighting over the weapon, causing it to go off accidentally.

Officials say that the toddler was shot in the head after the bullet ricocheted inside the home. While authorities confirmed that the bullet did not penetrate the toddler’s skull, he was injured and remains in a serious condition.

The incident reportedly happened at North Eastwood Shores Apartments, which is a low-income government housing complex, located in the 800 block of West Eastwood Avenue. The complex also houses a day care center.

Officials say that the incident was reported on Monday at around 7:30 p.m., local time.

Soon after the incident, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services were notified, and it is understood that they are conducting an additional investigation into the case.

Meanwhile, an earlier report by ABC 7 Chicago indicated that the boy was injured after his father was shot at by unidentified gunmen. Investigations later revealed that no such gunfight had taken place and that the toddler’s injuries were caused as a result of an alleged domestic dispute.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the toddler’s father allegedly had a history of multiple child welfare and weapons charges. Local residents also told police that they were used to hearing the couple fight.

The couple involved in the purported altercation were later identified as 26-year-old Travis McCoy and his partner, 28-year-old Adriana Smith.

Soon after the incident, McCoy traveled to nearby Weiss hospital, where the toddler was stabilized before being transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital for further treatment.

The parents were later arrested, and reportedly both of them have been charged with one misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. The father was also allegedly charged with a felony count because he tried to file a false complaint in an attempt to hide the truth.

Reportedly, police have also charged Smith with an additional felony count of obstruction of justice after it was revealed that she had purportedly attempted to destroy key pieces of evidence crucial to the case.

Travis and Adriana are due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Per a previous The Inquisitr report, another purported incident involving a gun occurred when a parent’s alleged carelessness led to serious harm of their child.

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