WWE News: Seth Rollins Still Wants To Wrestle Retired Superstar

JP YimGetty Images

Seth Rollins has made no secret of his desire to face CM Punk in the squared circle. When the former superstar returned to wrestling last year as a WWE Backstage pundit, Rollins immediately challenged him to a match. While Punk appears to be retired from in-ring action, he has been critical of Rollins’ online behavior, which has only fueled speculation that the pair are teasing a rivalry for an upcoming match at WrestleMania. According to Rollins, the match will always be available to Punk should he decide to accept the challenge.

Rollins recently spoke with The Houston Chronicle about the Punk situation, opening up about the possibility of a match between them at WrestleMania. However, Rollins revealed that he’s open to having the match at any show, though he does believe that WWE’s biggest pay-per-view of the year is the ideal setting for the potential dream bout.

“If he wants to get back into the ring and show that he’s more than just a critic, and that he can actually back up what he is saying then I would love to be the guy to get in there and have the match and I think WrestleMania would be the proper stage for it, but I don’t think it has to happen at WrestleMania. I think that match is bigger than any one event and so if he were ever to come back, we could do it anytime, anyplace and it would sell out wherever.”

During the interview, Rollins also discussed his recent heel turn and how it wasn’t planned. His outspoken comments in defense of WWE throughout 2019 made fans sour on him, which led to his character becoming villainous again. Rollins said that his character has woken up since then, and he’s having a lot of fun in his current role as the main bad guy on Monday Night Raw.

If Punk decided to return to action, Rollins would be a fitting opponent for the former superstar. In addition to both wrestlers being talented in the ring, Punk remains one of the most popular performers to ever grace WWE television. Rollins is popular in his own right, however, and they both have similar backgrounds, having joined WWE from Ring of Honor. Furthermore, a feud between the pair would make for an interesting face versus heel dynamic.

Punk hasn’t ruled out the possibility of another match, but he won’t come out of retirement unless WWE breaks the bank to get him.