WWE News: Seth Rollins Reacts To CM Punk’s Request That He Delete His Twitter

It only took a matter of minutes for Seth Rollins to react to CM Punk’s comments on Tuesday night’s episode of WWE Backstage on Fox Sports 1, where he took aim at the former Universal Champion’s recent Twitter activity and suggested that he should delete his account for his own good.

As recapped by Wrestling Inc., Punk’s debut episode on Backstage saw him fire some shots at Rollins, who had reacted to his surprise appearance on the previous week’s episode by challenging the former WWE superstar to a fight. Punk then prefaced his response by saying he’s on a show where professional wrestling personalities could discuss the business without any underlying storylines.

“Seth needs to stop tweeting and realize sometimes it’s better to be viewed at as the fool and shut your mouth, or open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

After making the above comments, Punk advised Rollins to delete his Twitter account because it’s “not doing him any favors.”

Early on Wednesday morning, just a few minutes after Backstage wrapped up, Rollins took to Twitter, retweeting a clip of Punk’s remarks and sarcastically quipping that the former WWE Champion had a “HELL of a response” to his previous posts. Rollins then added a rolling-eyes emoji and called Punk a “coward” to wrap up the tweet.

In an earlier report, Wrestling Inc. noted that Rollins made a second challenge to Punk just one day before the latter’s WWE Backstage debut. After last week’s initial challenge, the two-time Universal Champion replied to a tweet from Punk on Monday, where the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter teased his upcoming television appearance and explained that he’s got a lot of catching up to do with regard to WWE’s product.

“Don’t talk about me, fight me. I’ll catch ya right up,” Rollins tweeted.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Rollins has been criticized for his actions on social media, which often involve him defending WWE or firing back at its detractors, but sometimes involve pointed remarks about rival companies and their wrestlers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who now works as a commentator for All Elite Wrestling, had some words for Rollins after the “Beastslayer” referred to the upstart promotion as the “minor leagues.” Although Ross stressed on his podcast that the former Shield member is in a “good spot” as one of WWE’s top babyfaces, he also suggested that Rollins isn’t quite as popular as his real-life fiancee, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.