Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Michael’s Got His Hands Full & Sasha Moves In

Fans may not know for certain when new episodes of General Hospital will begin airing again, but new spoilers tease that there is a big payoff ahead in exchange for the wait. Nelle is out of Pentonville and is wreaking havoc throughout Port Charles and Michael is going to have his hands full trying to deal with her.

Michael did invite Nelle to move into the Quartermaine mansion in an effort to keep her away from Wiley and so he can keep an eye on her. She will move in, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will do her best to make everybody’s lives miserable in hopes they’ll give her a big payoff to get rid of her.

According to the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Sasha will soon take Michael up on his offer to move in as well. He didn’t necessarily intend on having both Nelle and Sasha under the same roof, but he’s intent on protecting Sasha from Nelle so he’ll do his best to make it work.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sasha will agree to move in not just due to the drama with Nelle, but due to the concerns over the brewing mob war as well.

“She wants to do whatever she can to help Michael deal with Nelle. So she wants to be there for support, while also fulfilling his wish of staying there to have as much security as possible,” details Sofia Mattsson, who portrays Sasha.

“I also think Sasha is realizing that Nelle is dangerous and has a fixation on Michael, so she wants to stay close to protect him, too, in any way she can,” Mattsson continues.

Chances seem good that Nelle will be quite agitated to have Michael’s new girlfriend moving into the Quartermaine mansion. In fact, General Hospital spoilers indicate that it won’t take long for the two women to have an intense confrontation os some sort.

This confrontation will leave Michael wondering if he made a mistake having them both there. However, Sasha will reassure him that she is fine. Sasha believes she knows what she’s getting herself into with this situation and she’ll be anxious to help Michael see that it’s okay for him to accept help from others.

Which woman will eventually come out on top? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that Sasha and Michael might soon decide to head elsewhere, and this is going to take a while yet to play out. The show has promised that the truth about Jonah will be emerging soon and this Quartermaine mansion drama is likely central to that bombshell finally dropping.

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