‘General Hospital’ Day Ahead Recap: Shots Are Fired In Multiple Places & One Key Person Is Injured

The next episode of General Hospital is going to be an intense one. Spoilers tease that shots will be fired, and it turns out this will involve multiple locations and quite a few prominent Port Charles residents.

Viewers across the United States were left hanging on Tuesday, as the beginning of the Trump impeachment trial was televised on ABC and the General Hospital episode was pushed to Wednesday. Some fans are concerned that the show slated to air on Wednesday will again be preempted, but nothing firm has been disclosed on that front yet. In the meantime, spoilers about the next episode have emerged, and this one will be a doozy.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the next new episode will be structured a bit differently than is typical. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the first few minutes will show shots being fired in three separate locations with a lot of people connected to Sonny diving for cover. Then, the rest of the show will jump back two hours prior to the shooting to break down what was going on before the ambush.

Sonny and Jason are working on taking Mike to the trial, and Sonny is hoping this will give his father more quality time. General Hospital spoilers share that they’ll be at a bar in Brooklyn, Mike talking to the bartender as Sonny and Jason strategize. It seems they’ll talk about an upcoming meeting of the mob bosses, hopeful that things can get straightened out without intense drama.

Unfortunately, someone will apparently be a step ahead of them. Just as Jason spots someone and yells for everybody to take cover, shots spray throughout the bar.

Viewers will also see Carly and Gladys head to Sonny’s warehouse. As fans will remember, Carly had offered Gladys a spa day at the Metro Court, but Gladys said she’d rather get a tour of the warehouse. General Hospital spoilers indicate that while the two women are at the warehouse, someone will start shooting there, too.

General Hospital spoilers detail that there is a third spot that will be hit during the next new episode. Laura, Michael, Sasha, and Josslyn will be on the docks when things turn ugly. It seems that Josslyn will be leaving when she realizes she forgot her journal.

When Josslyn turns back to grab her journal, she spots a gunman and yells for everybody to take cover. Despite this, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura will be hit.

Although this will surely be a frightening situation for Laura and her loved ones, fans can feel pretty confident that she will fully recover. This probably will make her all the more determined to renovate the area by the docks to try to push out the mob drama.

Who is targeting Sonny and his business? It certainly seems likely that all three of these incidents are connected to one another, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Sonny may be facing a far bigger challenge than he anticipated.

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