‘General Hospital’ Schedule Update & Spoilers: Tuesday’s Show Moved, But Fans Worry About More Interruptions

Many daytime shows have been impacted in recent weeks with the Trump impeachment process and General Hospital has been hit hard by interruptions. ABC anticipated potential problems heading into Tuesday’s scheduled episode and indeed, the network stuck with live coverage of the Senate proceedings instead of airing the next episode. Now, ABC has shared an update about when the next new show will be available, but a number of fans are voicing their frustrations.

Before ABC knew whether or not General Hospital would be interrupted on Tuesday, it sounded as if they hoped to avoid pushing the episode out again. Unfortunately, it appears that the new show was preempted for much of the country, for the entire hour, so ABC had to make a tough call.

After the Senate proceedings were televised for about 40 minutes of the time slot usually dedicated to General Hospital for the Eastern and Central time zones, the show’s Twitter page posted an update.

“Update: today’s episode will instead air tomorrow. We want to make sure you’re able to see it in its entirety and appreciate your patience with the situation. Thank you,” the note detailed.

The good news is that General Hospital fans won’t miss any of this next new episode and won’t have to chase it down online. However, some fans predict that there are issues to come on Wednesday — and a number of additional days ahead — as the trial is expected to dominate weekday afternoons for the foreseeable future.

General Hospital spoilers tease that the next episode will focus a great deal on the baby swap drama and this swap appears to be heading towards a conclusion at last. Viewers will also see more of Ava and Nikolas together as they head back to Port Charles, along with some tidbits involving Valentin, Martin, Charlotte, and Lulu.

After the show’s Twitter page posted the update about moving Tuesday’s episode to Wednesday, plenty of General Hospital fans pushed back.

“And how exactly will you air it tomorrow? The trial is supposed to last at least 2 weeks. Is there someone over there that actually knows what they’re doing? This is ridiculous!” tweeted one GH viewer.

“Nope trial continues tomorrow. How did u not have a plan in place?? Not like this was a surprise lol,” critiqued another show fan.

“The trial will still be happening tomorrow. You’re seriously going to screw up the momentum you have by constantly preempting the show,” blasted someone else.

As many fans noted, General Hospital does have a lot of momentum going right now. After dragging out the Wiley storyline for months and months, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for all involved. The show doesn’t want anybody to miss any of the moments on the way, but fans don’t want to be left hanging day after day, uncertain of the plan, either.

For now, General Hospital fans will have to hang tight and stay tuned to see how ABC decides to handle this scheduling challenge as the Senate impeachment trial proceeds.

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