Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint At What’s Next For Nelle, Michael, & ‘Wiley’

Things are heating up quickly with the baby swap storyline and General Hospital spoilers hint that Tuesday’s show will bring some interesting developments. Michael is wasting no time in trying to keep Nelle away from “Wiley” and it seems he’ll be making bold moves to try and keep his “godson” safe.

During Monday’s show, Michael and Chase stormed off to Brad’s apartment to intervene as Nelle held Wiley. Michael essentially threatened Brad, warning him that he’d do whatever it took to protect Wiley and keep him away from Nelle.

In addition, Michael offered Nelle the chance to live at the Quartermaine mansion as she works to get back on her feet. He later told Chase that he’s hoping to stay a step ahead of her this way, but little does he realize that Nelle definitely has the upper hand in this battle at the moment.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show details that Michael and Josslyn will chat and Joss has a suggestion for Michael. General Hospital spoilers detail that Josslyn will seemingly suggest that perhaps Willow should revoke the adoption placement and regain custody of Wiley.

Could Willow actually do that? In reality, legally, she really shouldn’t be able to disrupt the adoption at this point. However, in the land of soaps, Michael might encourage her to try.

With Lucas still in a coma and Brad crumbling, Michael might see this as the best path to keeping Wiley safe. Some fans have also speculated that Michael himself might make a play for custody.

Fans can see how the baby swap bombshell might finally emerge if either Willow or Michael was to make a play for custody. Brad would surely fight this the best he could, perhaps revealing the truth that the baby isn’t Willow’s son in an effort to keep him.

If Brad did that, he would probably hope to keep everybody from finding out that the baby is Nelle and Michael’s instead of Willow’s. However, that probably won’t work for long — if at all.

Nelle is not about to stand by and watch her biological son be put into the custody of either Willow or Michael if she can help it. Nelle wants Jonah back with her and she’s likely to be willing to do just about anything to make it happen.

Michael has an army of supporters on his side, as Carly, Chase, and others are ready to go to great lengths to keep the little boy away from Nelle. Unfortunately, at this point, nobody but Brad and Julian realize what is really at stake.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this week, Michael will do what he can to prepare for the battle ahead. He’ll go to somewhat extreme measures to ensure that Sasha can’t be harmed by Nelle and Soap Central indicates that Nelle will have some moments of doubt as she forges ahead to try and get her hands on her son again.

Who will win this battle and how will Michael and Willow finally learn that Wiley is really Jonah? General Hospital spoilers hint that this revelation is coming soon and fans cannot wait.

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