Elizabeth Warren Vows To Release All Impeachment Documents Donald Trump Is Withholding If She Wins In November

Elizabeth Warren appears at a campaign rally.
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren has vowed that if she wins in November, she will release all impeachment documents that Donald Trump has been withholding from Congress.

The Massachusetts senator said on Friday that she would use the power of the presidency to release all the documents sought by the House of Representatives during the impeachment hearings, but have been withheld by the White House. In a tweet shared on Friday morning, Warren challenged the other Democratic hopefuls to commit to releasing any information if they are elected.

“On day one as president, I will order the release of every document related to this impeachment inquiry that the administration has been hiding,” Warren wrote. “The public needs to know what happened. All the other candidates for president should commit to take this step as well.”

Warren has been off the campaign trail for the U.S. Senate trial of Trump. With the first voting in the 2020 Democratic primary now just days away, Warren has taken an aggressive stance toward the allegations of wrongdoing against Trump. Earlier in the week, she announced that she would create a federal task force to investigate the corruption that may have taken place during Trump’s presidency.

As ABC News reported, Warren said that the independent task force would operate within the Justice Department and would have authority to uncover any potentially illegal actions.

“The next president will need to have the energy, expertise, and vision to safeguard our country, rebuild the government swiftly, and make fundamental changes so that it works for the American people,” Warren wrote in a post outlining her proposal.

The strong push to hold Trump accountable appears to be a concerted effort from the Warren team to shore up Democratic support ahead of the start of voting. After briefly surging into a near-tie with frontrunner Joe Biden in the race, Warren has seen her polling fall off and is now in third behind both Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in most recent statewide and national polls.

As ABC News noted, her detailed proposals set Warren apart from other race frontrunners who have also vowed to hold Trump accountable but have not yet laid out specific plans of how to do so.

“All four [race frontrunners] have long decried corruption in the Trump administration, but Warren’s proposal seeks to provide a blueprint for how to specifically roll back Trump’s influence should she win her party’s nomination and November’s general election,” the report noted.