Transgender Teacher Commits Suicide, ‘Daily Mail’ Reporter Blamed

A transgender teacher committed suicide and Daily Mail reporter Richard Littlejohn’s “bullying” tactics are being blamed. Lucy Meadows, who was born a male, underwent surgery to become a woman. One headline reportedly above the Littlejohn article about Meadows read, “He’s not only in the wrong body … he’s in the wrong job.”

The growing protest against the Daily Mail reporter who allegedly bullied the transgender teacher claim the reporter harassed and belittled the individual. Richard Littlejohn reportedly referenced Lucy Meadows “personal problems” when covering the story.

The 32-year-old transgender teacher was found dead on Tuesday. Meadows began working and living as a woman three months ago. The story of the transgender transition made national news after a letter from the St. Mary Magdalen’s C of E primary school head teacher was allegedly leaked to the press in December.

The letter to parents said that teacher Nathan Upton was to be addressed as Miss Meadows following Christmas break. Upton was reportedly a popular teacher at the school.

An excerpt from Littlejohn’s article about Meadows reportedly read:

“Why should they [the children] be forced to deal with the news that a male teacher they have always known as Mr. Upton will henceforth be a woman called Miss Meadows?

LGBT supporters claim the Daily Mail article prompted a witch hunt against Meadows. Newspaper allegedly offered to pay parents for a photo of the transgender teacher. Meadows supposedly had to leave for school early and go out of her back door to avoid journalist looming near her front lawn.

An excerpt from a petition calling for Richard Littlejohn’s termination reads:

“Richard Littlejohn has a long history of using his perch at the Daily Mail to mock and harass others, from laughing at cerebral palsy to snide insinuation that ethnic minorities got their jobs through discrimination to incessant attacks on the LGBT community, Littlejohn has been a national disgrace,”

Campaign Manager for Kaytee Riek also stated a belief that the Daily Mail might thrive on controversy to sell “tabloid papers,” but claims the company knows the journalist went too far this time. The article Richard Littlejohn wrote about transgender teacher Lucy Meadows has reportedly be removed from the Daily Mail website.

While Riek appears to appreciate the removal of the story, she feels it is too little too late as the damage has already been done. Riek and the group she represents wants the Daily Mail to not only cancel Richard Littlejohn’s column but to create a policy that stops “discriminatory writing” from being published by the newspaper again.

A vigil for Lucy Meadows was scheduled to be held outside of the Daily Mail office.

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