A Man In An Airplane Terminal Was Caught Urinating In Front Of Surrounding Travelers

In a bit of odd news, the verified Passenger Shaming Instagram account shared a grotesque video of a man urinating while sitting in an airport terminal, reports The International Business Times. He seemed to partake in the task without any shame or regard for the surrounding travelers. One of the other passengers recorded the clip, which has gone viral since it was first posted three days ago.

It's not clear where the incident took place. The man is shown sitting in one of the chairs pressed up against the wall. While the video is censored to keep it Instagram-friendly, the deed is visible. At first, he acts normally, and then after a few seconds, he starts urinating. Several of the people in the vicinity gasp in shock and disgust, although no one tries to get him to stop.

"P*SS OFF, 2019!" says the caption, which includes several cheeky emoji added to the remark.

Over 240,000 people viewed the video, and close to 1,000 have commented on it.

The majority of commenters were shocked by the man's actions and confused as to why none of the surrounding passengers spoke up or said anything to dissuade his unsanitary act. Several Instagram users were vocal about their desire to see the passenger arrested.

It's not clear what happened to him after the videographer stopped recording, or if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the act occurred. His face has not been blurred out, so the video could be used as visual evidence if it becomes a police matter.

Despite the outrage, some people thought the clip could be an elaborate prank. Since the man's private area is blurred out, they believe he could merely be squeezing a water bottle, and the person who recorded him may have been in on the joke setup.

Man sitting in airport terminal
Pixabay | JESHOOTS-com

Strangely enough, there were even a couple of folks who thought that the man should be left alone.

"Can we please let this airport behaviour stay in 2019?" wrote one person.

"How do we get this guy on the no fly list?" asked a second user.

"Why is he not arrested. That's not acceptable behavior," a third individual mentioned.

"Probably got terminal and urinal mixed up," joked a fourth Instagrammer.

This is hardly the first time that a video of someone acting weird while traveling has gone viral. The Passenger Shaming Instagram account frequently hosts footage of travelers doing strange things and having the misfortune of getting caught by someone with a cellphone.