Google Street View Captures English Couple In Lewd Act

A couple in Manchester, England, has been caught engaging in a lewd sex act in an alleyway by Google Street View cameras.

The duo were down a discreet back street in the English city when they were caught enjoying the steamy encounter, which has now been plastered across the internet for the entire world to see.

Google automatically blurs out the faces of the individuals who appear in the Street View pictures, but the location of the image has also raised further questions.

This area of Manchester, Temperance Street just behind Fairfield Street in Piccadilly, is renowned for being the home of prostitutes in the city.

The image was then spotted by Google users who shared it across the world wide web. Various Twitter holders have added captions with the photos that read, “Al fresco. Mancunian style,” and “Classy Manchester.”

Google then decided to blur the image even further on Friday morning, before removing it entirely by the weekend.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Google View have caught people committing acts of debauchery on their travels.

In January, a photographer for the website’s huge congregation of mappers accidentally took a photo of two extreme-sports hobbyists in a compromisng position in a French retail shop’s dressing room.


A Street View car filming in upstate New York was also thought to have injured a deer after it hit the animal, but it later got up and walked away.

Whilst, in Germany an image caught a woman giving birth on a pavement just as a man held up the baby. However this latter turned out to be fake.

It has also worked for good too. A pedestrian by the name of Bob Mewse decided to lose seven stone after he saw a photo of himself taken by a Street View car online.