GOP Lawmakers Reportedly Forced To Agree With 'Psychologically Unfit' Donald Trump To Stay In Office

A shocking report from The New York Times on Sunday reveals that numerous former GOP lawmakers reportedly felt that they had to go along with the "psychologically unfit" president or risk being tossed out of their offices.

The NYT spoke with numerous former lawmakers, some who spoke under the condition of anonymity, and others who spoke on the record, about their experiences in a party that has been largely taken over by Donald Trump.

"If he does not enjoy the broad admiration Republicans afforded Ronald Reagan, he is more feared by his party's lawmakers than any occupant of the Oval Office since at least Lyndon Johnson," the report suggests.

To illustrate the point, the NYT spoke with a former Republican lawmaker from Michigan. He recounted a situation where Republican Congressman Dave Trott offered criticism to fellow GOP lawmakers of Trump's attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act over and over, and suggested that from time to time the new president behaved erratically.

"'Dave, you need to know somebody has already told the White House what you said,' he recalled a colleague telling him. 'Be ready for a barrage of tweets,'" the report says.

Trott decided not to run again because he believed that he would be placed in a difficult situation if he continued to criticize the president and tried to remain in office.

The NYT says that this decision is one that many lawmakers have been forced to make since Trump took office.

Many anonymous lawmakers and strategists say that they had two choices, they could either leave the party or they could keep quiet about their criticism of the president. Even now, many who spoke remained anonymous because they were afraid to be attacked by Trump.

"They can vote with their feet by retiring — and a remarkable 40 percent of Republican members of Congress have done so or have been defeated at the ballot box since Mr. Trump took office," the report says. "Or they can mute their criticism of him."

Trott has been vocal of his criticism of the president now that he is no longer in office. He says that he believes Trump is "emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically unfit" for the office of president. He added that he believes many other lawmakers feel as he does, but most choose to remain silent because they know they'll be attacked on social media if they speak out.

The allegiance is also driven by voters, who largely say that they want conservative leaders to support Trump.

It's not the first time that Trump's psychological fitness for the office has been questioned this week. As The Inquisitr previously reported, several psychologists suggest that Trump's recent letter to Nancy Pelosi reveals a "psychotic mind."