Tourist Jumps Out Window Of Hotel In India To Avoid Rape [Video]


Authorities say a British tourist in India jumped out of the third-floor window of her hotel room on Tuesday because she believed the owner was about to rape her.

According to Fox News, the woman, who is a dentist in her early 30s, was staying at a hotel in the city of Agra — off to the Taj Mahal — when she allegedly received an unsolicited visit from the establishment’s owner, Sachin Chauhan, at around 5 am local time.

The woman told the police that the hotel owner kept knocking on her door persistently, offering her a free massage.

When she refused his advances, the owner allegedly returned with a second man and attempted to open the door to her room with a key.

She then leaped from her room’s balcony window to escape an imminent attack.

“She got frightened so she ran to the other end of the room and jumped out of the window,” Pawan Kumar, superintendent of police in Agra, said.

Police say the woman was not badly hurt, although she suffered slight ligament damage in one leg after the fall.

“She has left hospital and we have moved her to another hotel while she decides her future travel plans. She is safe but is very scared after the incident,” police officer Sushant Gaur said.

Following the incident, police arrested the hotel owner but have yet to file charges against him.

IBNLive has more info on the alleged sexual assault incident at Hotel Agra Mahal in the video below:

The news comes just days after a Swiss tourist was gang-raped in India while her husband was tied up and forced to watch.

During the attack, which happened March 15, the gang also allegedly stole the couple’s valuables including a laptop computer, a mobile phone, and 10,000 rupees ($185).

Six men believed to have participated in the crime were reportedly arrested on Sunday.

Image: Shutterstock