Missing Man’s Body Found In Elevator Shaft

Missing Man's Body Found In Elevator Shaft

A missing man’s body was found in an elevator shaft at Tampa International Airport in Florida. The body of 31-year-old Pennsylvania native, Chad Wolfe, was discovered at the bottom of the shaft several hours after his girlfriend reported him missing.

Wolfe and his girlfriend Jessica Price had reportedly traveled to Tampa from Atlanta. Wolff and his girlfriend reportedly separated briefly as she went to the baggage claim. When she returned, Wolff was gone.

As reported by NY Daily News, Price contacted airport security to help her search for her boyfriend. Wolfe’s body was eventually discovered by maintenance workers. His body was found at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

Airport officials report that Wolf may have accidentally entered the elevator shaft, but his family does not believe it was an accident.

Wolfe would have had to pry open the elevator doors in order to enter the shaft. His father, Garland Wolfe, thinks that is unlikely as his son was not very strong.

Wolfe’s belongings were found on the floor on the seventh floor of the parking garage. Wolfe would have entered the elevator on the third floor to travel to the seventh floor where his luggage was discovered. It is unknown why he would have pried the doors open and re-entered the elevator at that point.

As reported by Tampa Bay Online, the Wolfe family was close, and they are deeply mourning Chad’s death. His parents report that he and his girlfriend were on their way to Daytona for Bike Week when the tragedy occurred.


Airport staff states that the investigation is still ongoing, and the medical examiner has not determined cause of death. Maintenance workers have been deployed throughout the airport to check the safety of all elevators.

Nobody knows for sure why the missing man’s body was in the elevator shaft, but authorities plan to continue the investigation.

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