'General Hospital' Spoilers: Alexis' Diagnosis Has Neil Scrambling For Answers

No one has been able to figure out what exactly is is wrong with Alexis Davis on General Hospital over the past couple of weeks since she took ill, but that is about to change. Personal trainer Kendra has been poisoning her by adding something into her nutritional supplement, and now everyone is scrambling to find out what is going on. The previews that were shown at the end of Friday's episode showed Alexis asking if there was a cure.

TJ and Neil went to her house looking for anything that could hint to what is making Alexis sick. They didn't find anything, but promised to keep trying. As The Inquisitr had previously recapped for November 15, TJ had a realization after Alexis mentioned rats as a joke. He suddenly had it on his mind that they could be dealing with rat poison. After all, Julian has been finding dead rats outside of Charlie's Pub, thanks to the can of supplement mixed in with the poison to kill them.

On Monday, TJ's suspicions will be addressed, and according to the print version of Soap Opera Digest for next week, Finn will be confirming that Alexis does indeed have rat poison in her system. After that diagnosis, they will try to figure out who would do such a thing. As General Hospital actress Nancy Lee Grahn pointed out in the soap magazine, her character has done some things in her past that could be catching up to her.

That is exactly what is happening now. Kendra, who is the sister of the boy that Alexis killed with her car years ago, is the one who is seeking revenge for her brother's death. Of course, no one knows who she is right now, but sooner or later, someone will get a clue.

Neil is expected to be the one who inches closer to figuring it all out. Soap Opera Digest says that the therapist will have a "chance conversation" with someone that will raise his suspicion and lead him to put a few pieces to this evil puzzle together.

Julian currently thinks that Olivia is the culprit who is poisoning the rats at his place since she is upset with him for not selling Charlie's Pub. As Soap Central pointed out, Alexis just wants to bring peace between the two. However, once he realizes that his ex has been poisoned, he may change his tune and also look for the person who may have done this to her. He could be the key to solving the mystery since he saw Kendra lurking outside near the trash bin.

There is much more to come as General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.