‘General Hospital’ Friday Recap: TJ Has A Brainstorm, Julian Visits Alexis & Franco Makes A Decision

Friday’s episode of General Hospital contained major developments across several storylines. Answers are on the horizon regarding Alexis’ illness, thanks to TJ, and “Julexis” fans got a chance to see Alexis and Julian bantering with one another. Anna found out about Violet, Sonny had a talk with Cameron, and Franco seems to have made a decision about his life as “Drew.”

Many General Hospital fans missed the first half of Friday’s show due to ABC airing the live impeachment hearings until midway through the show’s regular time slot. The episode will be available on ABC’s site as well as Hulu, but not everybody wants to wait to find out what went down during the November 15 show.

As SheKnows Soaps details, Anna was stunned not only to see Hayden in her house with Finn, wearing his shirt, but to see Violet there as well. Violet wasted little time in referring to Finn as her daddy, and Hayden quickly gathered her daughter and left.

Finn and Anna had a difficult talk about their communication issues, how long she had been away from Port Charles, and the situation with Violet and Hayden. Anna admitted it would take her a few days to get used to learning about Violet, and she pointed out that Hayden still seems to have feelings for Finn.

Friday’s episode of General Hospital also had Neil and TJ visiting Alexis’ place. They boxed up everything they could find that could possibly be causing her illness, like cleaning supplies, hoping to find answers to help her.

While Neil and TJ were at Alexis’ place, TJ opened up to Neil about his hope to propose to Molly. He said he was worried that the timing would seem inappropriate to Alexis considering her illness, but Neil encouraged him to forge forward.

Julian stopped by General Hospital to see Alexis and they visited for a while. He mentioned that he has a lot of dead rats in the alley by Charlie’s and he feels sure that Olivia is behind this. He urged Alexis to get Olivia to back off, and fans soon watched that situation spark a crucial shift regarding her mystery illness.

Alexis made a joke to TJ about rats leaving a sinking ship, and he paused as he walked out of the doorway. He soon returned and said he wonders if Alexis could be suffering from the effects of ingesting rat poison. They won’t make the connection to Kendra yet, but they may at least begin to help Alexis heal.

Kim crossed paths with Monica at General Hospital and the two shared some heartfelt sentiments with one another. Monica said she understood Kim’s decision to leave Port Charles, and she promised to visit Kim and “Drew” whenever they got settled.

Elizabeth took Cameron over to Sonny’s house and left the two to talk. Cam apologized to Sonny for getting Josslyn into trouble and promised he wouldn’t do it again. Sonny clearly scared him a bit, but Sonny and Liz shared a tender moment together when she returned to pick up her son, and she said she appreciated Sonny talking to Cam.

Liz and Hayden talked about Hayden’s complicated situation, and Elizabeth also shared an emotional conversation with Scott. The two talked about how they did everything they could to bring Franco back, and Scott admitted he told “Drew” about everything that had happened between Drew and Franco as children.

In addition, Kim ran into Julian as she was leaving General Hospital. He wanted to smooth things over between them before she left town, but she tore into him for revealing what he did to Scott and Liz. She said she wouldn’t forgive him and they left things on bad terms.

Friday’s episode also showed “Drew” visiting the docks. He encountered Jason there and talked to him about what he had learned from Scott. “Drew” stared into the water and soon commented that the life he is living belongs to Franco. Then, he left to go to Kim’s place.

As Friday’s episode ended, Kim was packing up her final things as she waited for “Drew” to join her. When she answered the door, he looked quite serious, and she could sense that something was wrong or had changed.

It seems that “Drew” has decided that he needs to try to regain Franco’s memories, but fans will have to wait until next week’s episodes of General Hospital to see for certain.