Samsung Galaxy S4 Press Event [Live Streaming Video] + Liveblog

Are you ready for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be unveiled? You can watch the full press event LIVE right from this page.

For weeks, we have heard rumors about a 5-inch display with 1080P output, new build materials, eye tracking capabilitie,s and various other new and exciting features.

Apple and Samsung are currently wrapped in a tight battle for Smartphone dominance. After watching this live event (not available for on-demand viewing at the bottom of this post), do you think Samsung has leaped ahead of Apple based devices?

Here’s Our Samsung Galaxy S4 Liveblog:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features an 8-core processor based on the Exynos 5 Octa chipset which features ARM’s new big.LITTLE technology to increase performance and battery life.

Update: The phone features a 13MP backside camera and a 2MP front facing camera. The phone also has 2GB DDRS3 RAM and ships with 16GB (upgradeable to 32GB and 64GB). The Samsung Galaxy S3 also features a microSD card slot for added memory.

Update 2: 2600 mAh battery that is fully removable.

Update 3: The S4 is able to capture full HD video and offers a dual camera, which allows the phone operator to capture the scene they are looking at while also including themselves in the footage.

Update 4: Photos can now include sound with a new feature that allows before and after voice to be added into photos. Users can also use different lens types such as fisheye. Samsung says this feature allows for a new dimension for photos, allowing users to add reminders about the scene they shot at an earlier time.

Update 5: Drama shot feature can 100 shots in 4 seconds and then select some of the best to be shown in the final display. The Galaxy S4 also has the ability to erase people and objects so the user gets a nice clean shot.

Update 6: The Samsung Airview is also a great option. It works just like the Tab feature but does not require an S Pen.

Update 7: The S Translator feature is a really cool feature that translates in real-time with excellent voice feedback that is precise and easy to use. Type out your question, and a voice is heard on the phone. The Galaxy S4 features both text to speech and speech to text. The Galaxy S4 has more than 3,000 useful sentences embedded in the device in case you don’t have an internet connection needed for full translation.

Update 8: The Adapt display fixes contrast, brightness, and other features so they look better based on the type of content a user is viewing.

Update 9: The Samsung Story Album feature is another new feature which features an album creating function. Photos taken in the same area or on the same day are placed in a specific album. Users can name the album as they see necessary. Users can even pay to have a hard cover copy of an album created and sent anywhere in the world.

Update 10: Samsung also offers a new home sync device (debuted at Mobile World Congress), which makes sharing pictures with friends and family around the world. Home Sync is a personal cloud device that you keep in your home. It comes with 1TB worth of space, and it allows for up to eight users with personal or shared storage. The home sync device uses an NFC connection for supported devices. TV playing can also be synced with the device and showcased in full HD output.

Update 11: S Voice Drive provides drivers with bigger font sizes and more text to speech uses. The program pairs with your calls bluetooth and is customized for each user to ensure ease of use. S Voice can make calls, receive messages, access music, find locations with voice directions, and more. The S Voice Drive program will read a users emails and even ask if the user want to reply, cancel, or perform other actions.

Update 12: The Samsung Galaxy S4 also touts the Smart Switch program, which moves old device information to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The program works with virtually any smartphone on the market.

Update 13: You can access your Samsung Galaxy S4’s touchscreen display even when wearing glove. Users are not even required to by capacitive speciality gloves.

Update 14: The Samsung Hub features a magazine interface that the company says is “super easy to use” while combining books, music, educational materials and more.

Update 15: Samsung Knox features a personal and business space setup while locking down a users phone with increased security.

Update 16: The Samsung Group Play feature is loaded onto the Galaxy S 4. Users can share music with up to 8 Galaxy S4 smartphone even without an internet connection. Each phone can even be placed to act as the left, right, back, and front speakers of a surround sound system. Even if you only have two phones, you can setup a cool two-channel system. Group Play also supports multi-player games. Not only does group play allow you to share music; you can also share photos.

Update 17: The Samsung Galaxy S4 chat on feature allows both cameras to be used for video chats at the same time. If you don’t have other people included, you can at least share what you are seeing in front of you.

Update 18: Samsung Air Gesture is another cool feature that allows users to swipe their hand across their device without touching it. Having dirty or sticky fingers? No problem!

Update 19: Samsung Smart Scroll and Smart Pause is also included. If you stop looking at your phone (for example something catches your eye), the Samsung Galaxy S4 will automatically pause the video and start the video as you look away and then look back as the smartphone.

Update 20: The Galaxy S IV also includes S Health, which can calculate a users calorie consumption and then give them advice about exercise. The device can also watch sleep patterns, weight, exercise, and other areas of the users life. Samsung’s Total Reports provides all of a users health data in an easy to read report.

Update 21: The SU Cover is an enhanced flip cover with a transparent display. Users can answer the phone without opening the cover. When the cover is closed the Samsung Galaxy S4 sleeps.

With a lighter, slimmer shape, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a richer, more capable smartphone.

There you have it folks: the Samsung Galaxy S4 in all of its smartphone glory.

After Press Event Update: That didn’t take long. Seconds after the Galaxy S IV press event ended, T-Mobile sent the pre-registration pagefor their partnership with Samsung and the S4.