LG Parodies Samsung In NYC, Takes Over Billboards During Samsung Galaxy S IV Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is about to launch, and, in anticipation of that event, LG is striking first. The global electronics manufacturer on Thursday launched a direct attack billboard campaign aimed squarely at Samsung and its launch party in New York City.

Placed directly above two Samsung billboards, the advertisement proclaims, “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now.”

The brilliant ad mimics Samsung’s own ad attacks against Apple in which Samsung pointed to various features missing on the Apple iPhone 5 when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

The LG signs are bigger and brighter than the Galaxy S IV signs, making the latter almost an after thought.

The LG Optimus G is definitely a worthwhile competitor with its Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor that powered a 4.7-inch 720p LCD display. However, the Optimus G is still behind recently announced devices that now feature the Snapdragon 600 CPU alongside 4.7-inch and 5-inch displays that knock 1080p output out of the park.

While the ARM Cortex-15 quad-core processor found inside the LG Optimus G is clocked at a respectable 1.5GHz, it is expected to be overshadowed by a Samsung Galaxy S IV speed of 1.8GHz.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 expected to bring with it a 5-inch display and 1080p output alongside eye scrolling and floating touch capabilities, the New York Times Square billboard might be the only change the South Korea rival of Samsung gets to shine.

The Optimus G Pro is eventually slated to arrive in the United States, and that might be LG’s best attempt at truly competing with Apple and Samsung.

I personally follow all of these devices very closely and sometimes the urge to grab and go can be daunting. Are you ready to get your hands on the LG Optimus G, or will you wait in eager anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to arrive?