Ava Michelle Puts Towering Height On Display In Stylish Cat Woman Costume

Netflix Originals star Ava Michelle took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to join the many celebrities who opted to rock their own rendition of cat woman this year.

Michelle, known best for her role as Jody in Netflix’s Tall Girl, rocked an all-black catsuit in celebration of Halloween. The actress sported snug black leggings, knee-high black boots, and a thin long-sleeved black shirt. It also appeared as if Ava had a fanny pack wrapped around her waist.

While it was difficult to tell, the black boots appeared to be flats. Ava had a black mask with eye holes wrapped around her face with small kitty ears on top of her head. She pulled her all-black ensemble together by painting her fingernails black as well. Adding a little color to the mix, Ava rocked thick candy red lips.

The 17-year-old actress had one hand pressed against her head with her other resting on her thigh as she shifted her hips to the side slightly. The snug leggings and the position she held herself in for the photo allowed her to flaunt her towering height for the camera as well.

The young actress stood in the entryway of a house. The front door had a few rows of vibrant orange Halloween lights wrapped around it. Two large flower pots housing small greenery were sitting on the floor on either side of the door. Off to the side, there was a bench up against the wall with a small white skull on top of it. On the wall opposite the bench was a huge slide window. The reflection of the orange lights was visible in the window’s glass.

Ava’s 1.4 million followers showered the festive snapshot with nearly 300,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments in the 24 hours since she posted it on her profile.

The post contained several other snaps of Ava rocking her cat woman costume as she posed with several of her friends.

“WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING AS ALWAYS,” one of her followers exclaimed.

A second follower added: “Ahhh!!! You look SO STUNNING in that costume!! I think this should be your everyday look hehe.”

“You’re our real big inspiration!” A third chimed in.

Many showered the snap with single word complements as they thanked the young actress for sharing the pictures with them.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ava’s height has been called into question since starring on Tall Girl. Like she demonstrated in this snap with her choice in Halloween costume, she is actually a tall teenager.

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