‘Playboy’ Model Lexi Wood Licks Hand & Spreads Legs In Black Leather Cat Costume

Playboy model Lexi Wood was giving off some purrrfect last minute Halloween vibes as she shared an Instagram post of herself rocking a black leather cat costume.

The Instagram update featured three sexy snaps and a short video clip of the brunette bombshell putting her rendition of Catwoman on full display. The first picture was a close-up shot of Lexi rocking her feline ensemble. Cutting off near Lexi’s waist, the photo revealed about half of her sizzling kitty costume.

Lexi rocked a half-mask with large pointy cat ears on top of her head. She ramped up the sex appeal of the black ensemble with a ruby red lip color that contrasted with her creamy pale complexion. The actress complemented her ruby red lips with matching long red fingernails. Rocking fingerless gloves, Wood pulled one of her hands up to her face as she channeled her inner cat while licking the top of her hand.

Her costume featured a lot of peek-a-boo cutouts across the arms and torso, allowing the model to show off a little skin. The cat suit also featured an unzipped plunging neckline that allowed her to flaunt just a hint of her cleavage for the camera.

After swiping to see the other media attached to the post, her followers saw a more full-body shot of the feline costume. The second snap featured Lexi on her knees with her legs spread. The snapshot had a bit of an S&M theme as Lexi had a long whip grasped in one of her hands while she intently gazed at the camera. In the full-body shot, her followers could see that the leg portion of the suit also contained several peek-a-boo cutouts on each of her thighs.


The third photo in the Instagram post oozed sex appeal as Lexi tossed her head back and opened her mouth. Lexi had one of her palms planted on the floor as she remained on her knees, with her other hand continuing to hold onto the whip.

The clip appeared to be a slow motion video. It featured Lexi standing up as she seductively rolled her hands up her thighs before resting her hands on her hips. Wood then hoisted one of her heeled booties into the air as she bent her knee and rested the bottom of her bootie on the wall behind her. The clip concluded with Lexi cracking her whip in the direction of the camera.


In less than 24 hours, Lexi’s followers showered the snap with over 50,000 likes and more than 400 comments.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the only costume Lexi has shared with her followers this week. Six days ago, Wood slipped into a pepperoni pizza slice costume. With the exception of beige undergarments, the snapshot revealed the young model didn’t appear to be wearing anything underneath the cheesy costume.