Barbara Bush ‘Failing Health’ Update: Ex-First Lady Declines More COPD Treatment As Well-Wishes Pour In

In the latest update on her health, Barbara Bush, President George H. W. Bush’s wife of 73 years, has decided against further medical treatment despite her “failing health,” according to a statement issued over the weekend by Bush family spokesperson, Jim McGrath. Based on a Sunday Huffington Post report, Barbara Bush has elected to receive […]

Al Sharpton, Parkland Shooting Survivors To Protest At Trump Tower In Anti-Gun Violence, Assault Weapons Push

Survivors of the recent Parkland school mass shooting want their voices heard and have a message for President Donald Trump and lawmakers, largely about the proliferation and legality of assault-style weapons. Student activists are ratcheting up efforts to curb future killings by partnering with longtime civil rights activist, Rev. Al Sharpton, in an anti-gun violence […]

Tiffany Trump: Donald Trump’s Youngest Daughter Makes ‘Rare’ Appearance With Dad Apart From First Family

Tiffany Trump is not a frequent fixture in Washington among the First Family, but when President Donald Trump’s youngest daughter makes an appearance with her father apart from her stepmother and siblings, news networks and photojournalists jockey for the story. Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump arrived together at the president’s Palm Beach resort in Florida […]

Aubrey O’Day, Donald Trump Jr. Appear To Be ‘Playing Footsie’ In Throwback Twitpic, Per ‘Daily Mail’

A pair of mystery feet on Aubrey O’Day’s Twitter account from five years ago has many wondering which couple is playing footsie in the picture. Daily Mail thinks it has the answer. Rumors continue to plague the divorce filing of Donald Trump Jr. and his estranged wife, Vanessa Trump. And, at the center of Don […]

Lindsey Graham Repeats That Trump’s Firing Of Mueller Would Be The ‘Beginning Of End’ Of His Presidency

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has doubled-downed on his vow to protect Robert Mueller from being fired by Donald Trump. In a Sunday appearance on CNN, Lindsey Graham, a former presidential candidate, suggested that if President Trump moved to terminate the special counsel in the Russia investigation, it would signal the start of his demise in […]

Russia Probe Update: President Trump Still ‘Intends’ To Meet With Robert Mueller ‘Under Oath,’ Says WH Aide

Despite multiple reports that Donald Trump is “stonewalling” or trying to avoid talking directly to the special counsel in the Russia probe, the president’s deputy press secretary says Trump still has plans to testify — under oath — with Robert Mueller. On Sunday, White House spokesperson, Raj Shah, sat down with Jonathan Karl, ABC News’ […]

Lara Trump Instagram: President’s Daughter-In-Law Builds Muscle In Intense Upper, Lower-Body Workout Video

Lara Trump focuses on building muscle and living a healthy lifestyle, and she often shares her fitness journey with fans. President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, the wife of his son, Eric Trump, recently shared another exercise video on Instagram, and her followers showered the new mom with praise — even if her hair had other ideas, […]

Toddler’s Open-Mouthed Look Of ‘Queen’ Michelle Obama’s Portrait Goes Viral

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the image of an open-mouthed 2-year-old girl gazing at the official portrait of Michelle Obama is priceless, as multiple sources are reporting. Although many are vying for the moment to see Michelle Obama’s portrait up close at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., another related […]

Shirtless Pics Of Men’s USA Bobsled Squad Heat Up Social Media Despite Team Not Medaling At Pyeongchang

Although the men’s bobsled team failed to medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, fans are swooning over shirtless pictures of the bobsledding hunks that are circulating on the internet. Fortunately, after a tumultuous season that came to a dismal end on Sunday, the Instagram pictures are winning gold. Team USA of the men’s bobsledding group […]

Hope Hicks Copies Melania Trump’s Wardrobe Choices As Ivanka ‘Falls From Favor,’ Writes ‘Business Insider’

Hopes Hicks, Donald Trump’s enigmatic White House communications director, who is often short on words, is presumably using fashion to do most of her talking as of late. Consequently, Hopes’ dress choices are speaking loudly, according to a Business Insider report. The site says Hicks has evolved in her look by moving on from channeling […]

Melania Trump’s SOTU Pantsuit Steals Spotlight Amid Rumored Strained Marriage With President

In a night that is meant to highlight the president of the United States’ first State of the Union address, a swell of chatter is on what and whom Melania Trump wears. While political pundits opine about Trump’s first year in office and how his speech will affect an already “divided” Congress, fashionistas are focused […]

Melania Trump Twitter: FLOTUS Tweets Plans To Attend SOTU Amid Rumors Of Being ‘Blindsided’ By ‘Hush Money’

Melania Trump has been largely absent from the public’s eye since news broke of Donald Trump’s alleged infidelity with the former porn star, Stormy Daniels. Speculation from unconfirmed sources has risen of the couple’s impending divorce since the scandal broke, as Melania was reportedly furious for allegedly being “blindsided” by a reported payout to the […]

Reba McEntire Debuts New Boyfriend, Red Hot Fashion On Grammys Red Carpet After Highly Publicized Divorce

Reba McEntire has found love again, and she has a new boyfriend to prove it. According to a new report, the veteran country singer-turned-actress has opened up a new chapter in her life after her contentious 2015 divorce. However, as the Closer Weekly wrote, Reba has moved on from her failed marriage and hit the […]

Trump And Melania Relationship: FLOTUS Allegedly Says ‘Fake News’ Amid Husband’s Rumored Stormy Daniels Affair

Melania Trump has no time for “false” reporting about her relationship with Donald Trump amid swirling rumors over his alleged affair with the former adult film star Stormy Daniels. Apparently, she is too busy getting on with the business of being the first lady of the United States. In response to all the gossip about […]

Donald Trump’s Alleged Suggestion To End Marla Maples’ Pregnancy With Tiffany Trump Resurfaces

Tiffany Trump would not be here had it not been for Donald Trump walking back his suggestion to Marla Maples to have an abortion, based on his alleged statements to Howard Stern in a past interview. Now, according to a new report, Trump’s hints at terminating Maples’ pregnancy with Tiffany are “coming back to haunt […]

Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Escaped Assassination Attempt By Teen Gunman In ‘Hushed Up’ Incident

Queen Elizabeth II nearly died from an assassin’s bullet and it’s the report that New Zealand didn’t want the public to know about, this according to a new chilling account. According to a Jan. 13 Daily Mail report, the harrowing incident allegedly took place in 1981, based on accounts from an attorney and member of […]

‘Oprah For President’ Billboard Erected In Los Angeles On Heels Of Trump’s ‘Sh**hole,’ ‘Racist’ Comments

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an enormous billboard in Los Angeles, California that reads, “Oprah Winfrey For President,” speaks volumes. According to a new report, the Oprah “campaign” billboard was erected after Donald Trump’s “racist” comments — “sh**hole countries” — sent ripples around the globe and after Winfrey’s fiery speech at the […]

Florida Monkeys Carry Deadly Herpes Virus That’s Fatal To Humans, Officials Sound Chilling Warning

Officials in Florida have issued a dire warning: Don’t feed, take selfies, or touch a monkey roaming wild in the Sunshine State, especially macaques in Silver Springs State Park — doing so could kill you due to a potentially fatal herpes B virus (or McHV-1) carried by the primates. Monkeys in the Northern Florida park […]

Sam’s Club Abruptly Shutters Stores: List Of 63 Locations Closing Permanently

On the same day Walmart, Inc. announced a boost to its minimum wage, along with other worker benefits, multiple news outlets reported that Sam’s Club (also known as Sam’s Wholesale Club), a Walmart subsidiary, is shuttering dozens of stores. The membership-only retailer provided a list of stores to close. Thursday’s business news is being described […]

‘White Racism’ Class At Florida University To Have Armed Guards, Trump Supporters Go Ballistic

A Florida school already facing a strong backlash on the heels of its inclusion of a “White Racism” class is at the center of a stronger wave of anger. Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) recently added armed police officers to keep watch on the class, which explores the impact of white nationalism on social norms […]

Donald Trump Predicts He’d ‘Beat Oprah’ If She Enters 2020 Race For President, Would Be ‘Lot Of Fun’

Donald Trump finally weighed in on speculation that Oprah Winfrey may challenge him for the White House. When asked about his chances of winning a second term should Oprah enter the 2020 race for president, Trump boasted about his certain victory. In the early afternoon at the White House, Donald Trump hosted a bipartisan meeting […]

Oprah Winfrey 2020: She Is Reportedly ‘Thinking About Run’ Against Donald Trump As First Female POTUS

It all began as buzz, but CNN just broke the news that Oprah Winfrey is seriously mulling a White House challenge against the presumed incumbent, Donald Trump, in the 2020 elections. On Sunday night at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, Oprah Winfrey received the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award — so named after the late […]

Trump Tower Fire Update: Twitter Memes Begin As NYFD Probes Cause Of Blaze

As new details emerge about Monday’s fire at Trump Tower — there are reports of at least two injuries, according to a CBS News update — Twitter users are poking fun at the blaze. The memes about the tower inferno link Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury to the tower […]

Blanca Blanco’s Ultra-Revealing Dress At ‘Golden Globes’ Steals Show Amid #TimesUp Protest

As women of Hollywood stood in solidarity with the “Time’s Up Movement” by dressing in black at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, Blanca Blanco had other plans: the actress not only wore a red dress, but the fashionable gown was very revealing; many say Blanca was practically naked and didn’t represent the protest, according to […]

Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Net To Save Lives, Prevent Nearly 1,700 Death Toll Stat From Rising

After years of wrangling between government officials and crusaders, the Golden Gate Bridge is getting a suicide net. Proponents say the move to prevent deaths from suicidal persons is a long time coming, but the move is better late than never at all, according to a new report. Since the opening day of the Golden […]

Jake Tapper-Stephen Miller: CNN Anchor ‘Angrily’ Silences WH Staffer During Trump Book Discussion

Michael Wolff’s Trump book was the subject of fire and fury on the set of CNN early Sunday when the host, Jake Tapper, left White House adviser, Stephen Miller, “in “flames,” as one viewer said, by pulling the plug on the interview when Miller turned the focus to the “fake news media.” While many people […]

Unlike The Duchess Of Cambridge, Meghan Markle Reportedly Cannot Wear A Royal Tiara — And Here’s Why

As the old saying goes: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, Meghan Markle — the future Duchess of Sussex — reportedly won’t be wearing one piece of coveted royal jewelry like the Duchess of Cambridge currently enjoys: a tiara. Some people think the queen is snubbing Meghan. However, there’s more to the story than […]

Trump ‘Dirt’ Book Author Has ‘Bigger, More Powerful’ Nuke Button Than President Amid White House Turmoil

Apparently, size mattered in 2017 and continues to in 2018. Michael Wolff is the man of the hour as his book of the salacious claims about Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency debuted Friday on the heels of a failed attempt by the president’s camp to kill its publication. After Trump’s camp unleashed a bevy of […]

Melania Trump Without Makeup Trending Amid Stunning Book Claims About President, Administration

Melania Trump has rapidly become a fashion barometer since her husband, Donald Trump, won the White House in the 2016 Elections. Normally, headlines about First Lady Trump are about her wardrobe — what and who she wears on any given day. However, according to Google Trends data, people are feverishly searching for pictures of Melania […]

Ivanka Trump: New Book Claims President Has Weird Relationship With First Daughter, Considers Her ‘Real Wife’

Donald Trump continues to “lust” over his daughter, Ivanka Trump and considers her — not Melania Trump — his “real wife,” this, according to stunning claims made in an explosive new book. The sordid expose is reverberating across multiple media outlets, and one source called the allegations about the president and Ivanka “disgusting, if true.” […]

Disney World Hotels ‘Do Not Disturb Sign’ Update: ‘Chilling’ Reason Resort Officials Removed Signs

Some think Disney World’s decision to remove “Do Not Disturb” (known in the industry as DND) signs from its hotels is not so magical and makes for confusion. One source claims the reason behind Walt Disney World’s change in its resort privacy policy is “chilling.” When checking in at a handful of Disney World resorts, […]

Sarah Silverman Bikini Pictures Trending After Her Professed Sadness Over Al Franken’s Resignation

The search term, “Sarah Silverman bikini,” is trending online amid her statement to media sources about her sadness in the wake of Al Franken’s resignation from the U.S. Senate. On Tuesday, searches for Sarah Silverman in a bikini were up in a big way, according to Google Trends, a data-driven algorithm that tracks and ranks […]

Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie Bikini, Instagram Searches Spike After News Of Matt Lauer Replacement

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie “bikini” and “Instagram” searches are spiking like wildfire. While many daytime fans are celebrating NBC’s move to replace the disgraced Today show star, Matt Lauer, with Hoda Kotb, some are focused on swimwear pictures of Kotb and Guthrie. According to analytics by Google Trends, the search terms, “Hoda Kotb bikini,” […]

Melania Trump New Year’s Eve 2017 Dress Trending As President, First Lady Host Mar-A-Lago Bash

Finally, the mystery of what (and who) Melania Trump is wearing on New Year’s Eve 2017 is out in the open. Still, the debate rages on as many compare the dress first lady Melania Trump wore at last year’s Mar-a-Lago Resort New Year’s Eve 2016 party with the one she stepped out in this year. […]

Squirrel Taps Window Daily For 8 Years: One Day, Rescue Family Learns Why She’s So Anxious To See Them

You can count on a bit of pleasant news around the holiday season. This animal news story doesn’t disappoint. A squirrel is capturing the hearts of animal lovers all over the world, and people are going nuts about the tiny furry creature that’s been visiting its human family daily for the last eight years. One […]

Flameless Cremation: Town To Liquefy Bodies As An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Burying Its Dead

A town’s plans to liquefy dead bodies as a way to save money and the planet sounds like something that should have made BuzzFeed‘s “19 Most F**ked-Horror Movies Of All Time” list. However, dissolving bodies as an alternative funeral option could be a thing if officials have their way. Ever heard of “flameless cremation?” Yes, […]

Ahead Of Tax Reform Vote, Poll Says Trump Approval Rating Lowest Ever For First-Year President

As Congress prepares a possible vote on a “tax cut” bill in the coming days, results of a new poll show a disturbing trend for the Republican GOP POTUS: Donald Trump’s approval rating is the lowest for a first-year president — ever. On Saturday, the Hill reported that only 32 percent of Americans approve of […]

Anderson Cooper Twitter Account Hacked In Donald Trump ‘Pathetic Loser’ Tweet, Twitter Not Convinced

Anderson Cooper is known for “keeping them honest,” but some are suggesting the CNN anchor wasn’t taking his own advice when he denied calling Donald Trump a “pathetic loser” for endorsing Roy Moore in the Alabama special Senate election and claimed his Twitter account was hacked. Anderson Cooper is on the hot seat and is […]

Roy Moore Senate Race In Alabama Shakes Twitter, Tweet Claims Moore Said America ‘Great’ During Slavery

With days left before Alabama cast votes in the hotly contested U.S. Senate race between the Republican Roy Moore and his Democrat contender Doug Jones, a tweet containing shocking racial overtones has emerged: Judge Moore believes the last time America was “great” was during slavery. According to a distressing claim in a Huffington Post report […]

’12 Days Of Disney Parks Christmas’: Day 1 News Featured Return Of Pixar Play Parade, Fun New Story Elements

Just in time for the holiday season, Mickey and the Walt Disney World Company are hosting a “12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas” celebration. The fun kicked off on Dec. 5. Walt Disney Parks & Resorts fans saw the launch of the first of 12 information-packed days that feature thrilling news of future offerings in […]

Prince Harry Engagement Tribute: The Setting Photos With Meghan Markle Were Inspired By Princess Diana

Another Britain Royal Wedding is coming soon! Finally, seven years after his brother and sister-in-law officially announced their engagement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle followed suit. On Monday, Harry and Meghan confirmed their plans to wed in the spring of 2018. Photos of the engaged prince and his wife-to-be are amazing, but the inspiration behind […]

Pamela Anderson 2017 News: Talks Sex With Strangers, Says Harvey Weinstein Called Her A ‘B**ch’

“King Kong Pamela” is trending heavily as a “Breakout” on Google in 2017. According to the latest gossip reports, after posing nude for the King Kong special issue, the former Baywatch beauty-turned-PETA-activist, chatted with another publication on having sex with strangers. In the November 2017 interview, Pamela, aka Pamla or Pam to some, also revealed […]

Tiffany Trump Hot Pics: Tiffany Trades In Short Dresses, Bikinis For Winter Tights

Tiffany Ariana Trump’s hot pics gave fans much to swoon over during the summer months. Ivanka Trump’s half-sister has been on a tear lately showing off her toned legs and skin beneath super short dresses and bikinis. However, as a sign that fall has arrived, Tiffany Trump posted a picture of her on Instagram in […]

Eminem Mad At Trump For Slim ‘Shading’ Him: Twitter Trolls Rapper For ‘Temper Tantrum,’ Says ‘Shut Up’

Eminem is mad as heck at Donald Trump for shading him after his “castigating” rap attack. As of this writing, the president hasn’t responded to Slim Shady’s anti-racist freestyle rap rant, but Twitter is doing the heavy lifting for Trump and wants Eminem to “shut up, already.” Last month during the BET Hip Hop Awards, […]

Eminem Furious Trump Shading Him After Anti-Racist Freestyle Rap: ‘He’s Not Paying Attention To Me’

Eminem’s other handle is Slim Shady, but apparently, Donald Trump is doing the shading — and the rapper is not too happy with being snubbed by his adversary. Eminem opened up recently in a Sirius XM’s Shade 45 interview about his diss track on October 6, where he dropped a bar-for-bar freestyle rap against Donald […]

Melania Trump Full-On Glam, Wears Winter Coat Indoors As She Trims White House Christmas Tree And Rooms

You got to give Melania Trump credit for being glam, no matter the occasion. First lady Trump decked the halls and trimmed the White House tree wearing a designer label coat indoors. Melania ushered in the Christmas season and shared several pictures of her looking jolly and ready to spread holiday joy. As the holiday […]

Malia Obama Boyfriend ID’d: Rory Farquharson Is Harvard Kissing Companion And ‘Is Quite The Catch’

Malia Obama sent social media into a tailspin last week when she was caught on camera making out with a “mystery man,” all while her Secret Service and others at the Harvard and Yale football game tailgate party looked on. After a little digging, Malia’s kissing companion has been identified, and he’s quite the hunk, […]

Tiffany And Ivanka Trump’s Hemlines: Tiny Dresses, ‘Pale’ Leg-Baring Fashion Sparks ‘Sexist’ Media Outrage

Tiffany and Ivanka Trump have been lighting up social media and news sites lately over their super short dresses and leg exposures. One site says the fashion criticism about Tiffany and Ivanka isn’t warranted and is “sexist” on the surface. A day after Tiffany and Ivanka Trump wore short dresses — with the younger half-sibling […]

Tiffany Trump Continues The Very Short Dress And Leggy Show At White House Thanksgiving Gala With Ivanka

Tiffany Trump doesn’t hobnob often in Washington like her half-sister, Ivanka Trump, but when she does, she puts on a leg-baring display in a short dress that leaves the internet all shook up. Tiffany Ariana Trump, 24, joined Ivanka Trump, 36, and her kids at the annual National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation. While her fashion entrepreneur […]

Aretha Franklin Reportedly Dead, 1942-2017, After Battle With Cancer: Fake Twitter Account, Reports Unconfirmed

On Tuesday, a conversation about Aretha Franklin that suggests she is dead or is near death is trending on Twitter. Apparently, the ruckus began when a fake account by the Queen of Soul contained a picture of Franklin with a date of birth and date of death. However, as of this writing, there has been […]